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This diamond capital city of the Northern Cape is located 110km east of the Vaal and Orange River.

Kimberley boasts various historic museums and buildings, it is also the gateway to other famous Northern Cape destinations like the Mokala National Park.

With so much to do in this sparkle city and its abundance of exquisite adventures, it is definitely an unforgettable holiday experience you will not want to miss out on.

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Why visit Kimberley?

  • Explore Kimberley by visiting one of its greatest attractions -'The Big Hole', this hand-dug mining site is the size of eight football fields it is really a jaw-dropping sight!
  • For those art lovers, the Wildebeest Kuil Rock Art Centre showcases some ancient San art as well as beautiful contemporary creations!
  • Enjoy the scenic sights along Kamfers Dam which supports the largest flamingo breeding colony in Southern Africa, it has been said to be an amazing spectacle!
South African Rand, ZAR
Time Zone:
Dialing Code:
00 + 27 + Local Number
Drives on the left
Type C / D / M / N (frequency-50Hz:voltage-230V)
Kimberley Airport

Kimberley is a very humid place throughout the year. The dry season runs from April to October where temperatures are pleasantly warm, and there is little chance of rain.

This is also the busiest time of year in terms of visitors, so places can become slightly crowded.

The wet seasons begin in November and end in March, temperatures can reach highs of 40C.

The most spoken language in the Northern Cape is Afrikaans. The other languages that are also spoken include Tswana, Xhosa, and English.

Some useful Afrikaans phrases to help you put are:

  • Hello - Goeie dag
  • Goodbye - Totsiens
  • Sorry - Jammer
  • Thank you - Dankie

  • Kimberley was founded in 1871 when diamonds were discovered on a nearby farm named Vooruitzicht.
  • Kimberley was known as New Rush before it was renamed to Kimberley.
  • Kimberley has been nicknamed the Diamond City.

Kimberley is an historic town, with many attractions for those who love learning about the past. Right next to the famous Big Hole is the Kimberley Mine Museum, which brings to life the way the city was run during the days of the diamond rush.

There is also a guided tour of a once-operational diamond mine which descends a staggering 840m below the earth. Another place worth the visit would definitely be Belgravia, it is the oldest residential suburb in Kimberley-dating back to the 1870's.

The homes that are found here were built at the peak of the diamond trade, this area had more millionaires living in it than anywhere else in the world. The vintage tram rides are a great way to experience the history of Kimberley, and are a must for every visitor. The many other attractions that fill up this city include:

  • The haunted corners and ghost trail
  • Mokala National Park
  • Honoured Dead Memorial
  • Sol Plaatje Museum

This is a small town the restaurants that are scattered across the city cater to a diverse mix of individuals. The best restaurants to try out when visiting Kimberley include:

  • The Estate Private Hotel
  • Halfway House Hotel
  • Spur
  • Nando's
  • John Dory's
  • Ocean Basket
  • Flamingo Casino
  • Springbok Pub

From its earliest days, Kimberley attracted people from diverse faiths which are still reflected by practising faith communities in the city. The religions that can be found in Kimberley consist of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism as well as other faiths. Kimberley is the seat of the Anglican Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman as well as the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kimberley.

Due to the fact that it is such a small town it can be considered to be very conservative, and visitors are required to be respectful in the way that they dress and portray themselves in public areas.

The individuals in this city have carried on traditional and cultural practices that have been passed down from generations and there is a charming 'old town' mentality that make Kimberley a place that is loved so much.

This is a very safe city, but like most cities there are the good and bad areas. Seeing that it is a small town tourists tend to become easy targets of petty crime like pick-pocketing and theft.

That is why it is advised to remain vigilant at all times and to not leave valuables in your hotel room unattended, rather keep them locked away in a safe place. With regards to health considerations, Kimberley is known for not having the best drinking water and there are a few instances where people became sick from drinking the water, so to be on the safe side drink bottled water instead.

Item Cape Town Johannesburg Kimberley
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant R 90.00 R 100.00 R 120
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) R 22.00 R 20.00 R 25.00
Cappuccino (regular) R 19.00 R 20.00 R 22.50
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff) R 10.00 R 12.00 R 20.00
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) R 35.00 R 35.00 R 36.00

Kimberley Airport (Code: KIM) is an airport serving Kimberley, the capital city of the province of Northern Cape in South Africa. You probably wouldn’t believe it if we told you, but Kimberley airport is the birthplace of South African aviation. The city’s aviation history is preserved at the Pioneers of Aviation Museum where visitors can see a replica of the Compton Paterson bi-plane.

Currently it is not possible to get international flights to or from Kimberley Airport. International passengers looking for flights to or from Kimberley will have to fly via Johannesburg or Cape Town.

The information on this page is correct as of August 2016. While every effort is made to keep information as fresh as possible, takes no responsibility for any of the information being out of date or incorrectly noted.

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