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Toliara, or Tuléar as it was formerly known, is a relatively young city in Madagascar served by Air Madagascar. Founded in 1895 by a French architect, the city prides itself on being the capital of the region. Geographically, Toliara’s position on the Tropic of Capricorn means it is hot and humid year round, and you may very well end up spending a few days here waiting for transport elsewhere. The southern beaches around Ifaty are less congested than what you find up north, and are starting to gain ground, especially with honeymooning couples.
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Visa Requirements & SA Embassy Details

  • South African passport holders travelling to Toliara do require a Visa for Madagascar. Leave plenty of time for Visa processing, and make sure your passport is valid for 6 months after your return date, and that you have 2 blank pages available for entry stamps.
  • The South African Embassy is in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Lot IVO 68 Bis, Rue Ravoninahitriniarivo , Ankorondrano, 101 Antananarivo. Phone: + 261 20 224 3350 Fax: + 261 20 22 9512. 

See and do

The two main museums in Toliara represent the city’s top two attractions. These are the municipal museum and the sea museum which is maintained by the university. The Musée de Tulear houses incredible displays and rare artefacts such as the Sakalava erotic tomb sculptures, several masks of the Mikea culture and examples of burial art and local artefacts. The Musée de la Mer (sea museum) is a must see attraction for oceanic aficionados. In pride of place is the preserved Coelacanth, a prehistoric fish and the only one of its kind showcased in the island country. Once considered extinct, a Coelacanth specimen was discovered in Madagascar waters as recently as 1938.
Toliara’s marketplace will enthral shopping enthusiasts looking to get in touch with the local way of life.  An attraction in its own right, the market remains one of the best places to buy a traditional lamba.
The Arboretum d'Antsokay is another important place of interest in the city with over 900 species of plants. This botanical garden features the unique flora and fauna of the region; and it is this star trait of the gardens that make it popular with tourists.
For wildlife enthusiasts, the city of Toliara is the gateway to wild life hotspots in the region. Bird lovers can head off to Ifaty, St. Augustin Bay and the islet of Nosy Ve. Tsimanampetsotsa National Park is also conveniently accessed from the city. This nature reserve is famed for its flamingos, lemurs and tortoises. Parc National de Isalo is worth a visit for its stunning rocky mountain landscapes that make for fantastic photo opportunities.

Toliara Airport – TLE

Toliara Airport (code TLE) is an airport located in Toliara and serves the Atsimo-Andrefana region in Madagascar. Air Madagascar offers flights to Toliara from Antananarivo, Morondava, Tôlanaro as well as Réunion Island.
Lost Luggage: Lost hold luggage should be handled by your individual airline’s help desk. Report items lost or found within the airport terminal to the Toliara Airport authorities.
Airport Hotels: There is no hotel on site. Hotels in close proximity to the airport include Hotel Mahayana Sharangi, Salary Bay, Hotel de Charme Hyppocampo.

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