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Exclusive benefits for members of Absa Rewards

Book with your Absa card and earn up to 30% cash back depending on your tier

Earn Rates:

  • Tier 1 customers earn 1.5% cash back
  • Tier 2 customers earn 3% cash back
  • Tier 3 customers earn 5% cash back
  • Tier 4 customers earn 10% cash back
  • Tier 5 customers earn 30% cash back

  • Absa Rewards members will only earn cash back on bookings made through our exclusive and dedicated Absa Rewards link and paid with an Absa card.
  • No discount or cash back will apply for purchases from retailers or through any other booking channels.
  • Transaction spend is capped at R7 000 per Absa Rewards member per accrual cycle.
  • A negative earn will be in place for credit vouchers based on the earn percentages.

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