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Doha International Airport is the main airport for the state of Qatar and the hub of national carrier Qatar Airways. The airport serves as a major international gateway for South Africans travelling to the Middle East and beyond with excellent connections to Europe, the Far East, Australia and America with Qatar Airways’ ever expanding route network. Flights from Johannesburg to Doha take about 8 hours.

Doha International Airport Qatar

Arrivals & Transfers in Doha

When you check in for your Qatar Airways flight you’ll be issued with your boarding pass and a ‘wallet’. The colour of the wallet determines the shuttle you’ll board to the terminal on arrival in Doha.

  • Blue Wallet – if Doha is your final destination. You’ll be taken to the arrivals terminal at Doha Airport
  • Yellow/Orange Wallet – for Economy Class passengers transferring at Doha. You’ll be taken to the Economy Class Terminal at Doha Airport
  • Burgundy Wallet – for passengers flying First/Business Class. If you’re lucky enough you’ll be taken to the Premium Terminal at Doha International Airport  in a limo, otherwise it’ll just be a normal airport shuttle bus

Ground staff will also tag your carryon luggage with a colour that corresponds with your boarding pass wallet when you check in for your Qatar Airways flight. Don’t worry, before arriving at Doha International Airport you will be shown an inflight video explaining the disembarkation process. The system is simple, efficient and ensures quicker transfers to the terminal buildings.

Doha Airport Premium Terminal

The Premium Terminal at Doha Airport complements Qatar Airways – the World’s 5 Star Airline perfectly. The moment you walk in you get the feeling of Five Star luxury with its wooden and marble interiors. After passing through the X-ray machine (you don’t have to remove your laptop from your hand luggage), you can head upstairs to the Business/First Class lounges or visit the Duty Free shop on your left.

Doha’s Duty Free carry’s all the usual electronic goods, confectionary, music & books, Qatari souvenirs and fragrances. Prices are in Riyals – the local currency in Qatar.

After taking the escalator to the lounges upstairs you’ll be greeted by friendly Qatar Airways staff. Facilities include but are not limited to:

  • 24 hour clinic
  • Free Wi-Fi – no password required
  • Business centre
  • Smoking lounges
  • Kids play area including PS3
  • Nursery
  • Massage Rooms
  • Bathrooms & Showers

The departure gates and duty free shopping are located on the bottom floor of the Qatar Airways Premium Terminal.

Doha Airport Business Class

Perhaps the biggest highlight of Qatar Airways’ Premium Terminal is the great variety of cuisine on offer. If you’re still a little hungry then indulge in a mix of Asian and Mediterranean fare, Continental food and drinks (cooldrinks, water, alcohol coffee and tea are all available). Everything is complimentary.

Qatar Airways Premium Terminal Doha

First Class Lounge

Just next door to the Business Class Lounge at the Qatar Airways Premium Terminal is the First Class Lounge. The First Class Lounge offers all the luxuries of the Business Class Lounge and more including Relaxation Rooms – airport sleep rooms, a Spa complete with a massive hot tub as well as impressive lounge staff. 

New Doha International Airport

At the moment, landing at Doha Airport can involve circling above while waiting for air traffic to clear. In addition, to the traffic on the ground and in the air, your flight could be located a somewhat lengthy Cobus shuttle ride away from your terminal – the buses use a long ring road that circles the entire apron. Because of things like this, a new Doha Airport will be built to accommodate the small nations growing fleet as well as the growing demand for flights.

The New Doha International Airport (or NDIA) is expected to be completed in 2015. Located 4km away from the existing airport, the new airport will be able to handle 50 million passengers and 2 million tons of cargo per annum. The new international airport is being constructed near the city of Doha and, when finished, will be approximately two-thirds the size of the city (12 times larger than the current airport).

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