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Legal & HR Manager

This position is no longer available

Purpose of Role

(Legal) The purpose of this role will be to objectively and independently support the Travelstart Group Management Team, specifically the Chief of Staff, with all industry legislation and compliance related functions

  • Responsible for ensuring that the respective local industry (IATA) regulations and requirements are met and complied with across all Travelstart markets, including those defined and required internally
  • Responsible for managing external legal counsel relationships
  • Responsible for all internal legal document management and company secretarial functions

(HR) As the HR Manager you are responsible for the day-to-day management of assigned People Team operations functions. Including alignment of business objectives, the administration of policies, procedures and programmes relating to the organisation's employees, staff welfare, creation and enforcement of policies and so forth. You will work closely with the Travelstart Global HR teams in ensuring the execution of high quality and error free handling regarding people related tasks as well as fostering a positive culture for the Travelstart Group of Companies.

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  • Oversee and manage compliance with IATA regulations and requirements across all Travelstart IATA markets, covering:
    • Optimising cash needs/Compliance
    • Payments and recons
  • Assist the Travelstart IATA markets’ Country Managers in a consultative role with IATA regulations and compliance, covering:
    • Negotiation/Commercial Partner
    • Other technical support
  • Maintain a listing of all Travelstart IATA Accreditation codes (Head Office and Branch (SSA))
    • Ensure that the only Branch codes are Specific Sales Activity (SSA) codes
  • IATA Customer Portal
    • Act as the Portal Administrator for all Travelstart IATA portals
    • Maintain the IATA Portal Admin listing for all Travelstart IATA’s
      • Financial contact per market
      • Recipient of the various IATA communications
      • Extra services available on the portal
      • Other users on the portal
  • Log all queries related to the South African IATA codes and act as the central point of contact for South Africa IATA code queries
  • Maintain a listing of the BSP Link access for each of Travelstart’s IATA codes
    • Including a listing of recipients of various BSP Link communications
  • BSP Payments
    • Maintain a listing of the Remittance cycles for each Travelstart IATA code
    • Collaborate with CPT Finance team to implement and oversee Financial controls to ensure validity, accuracy and completeness of all BSP payments for all Travelstart IATA codes
  • Specific Sales Activity (SSA) Codes for South Africa
    • Maintain a project workflow for the creation of any new SSAs for South Africa
    • As requested, perform the application for SSA Accreditation, in line with the workflow above
  • Assist with the application process for any new IATA Head Office Accreditations, or Voluntary Relinquishments
  • Maintain a listing of IATA contact information
    • Local market IATA offices
    • General IATA head office
    • Direct IATA staff contacts
      • Manage the relationship with the direct contacts, including visiting the Madrid office as needed, and ensuring regular visits by CEO, COO and Country Managers as needed
  • Assist Country Managers with any IATA communications as requested
  • Knowledge of the IATA Passenger Sales Agency Agreement and IATA Resolutions to ensure continual compliance
  • Maintain up to date knowledge of new IATA regulations, products and changes in regulations and products
  • Recommend IATA training within the Travelstart offices as needed
  • Financial Security
    • Maintain a listing of financial securities held for IATA per market
    • Monitor expiry and renewal dates of above financial securities
    • Ensure renewal of financial securities within deadlines provided by IATA, in collaboration with local Country Manager and CPT Finance team
  • Ensure Notice of Change forms are completed for all IATA markets as needed for:
    • Change in office location
    • Change in directors
    • Change in shareholding
    • Any other changes as required by IATA
  • Monitor any irregularities issued against any IATA codes
Company secretary function
  • Maintain the Travelstart group Shareholding structure diagram
  • Maintain the TravelLab Global cap table
  • Maintain the TravelLab Global Share Registry and share certificates
  • For all group companies, maintain a listing of:
    • Registered address
    • Physical and postal address
    • Tax & VAT numbers
    • Directors
    • Shareholders
  • KYC or AML
    • Assist with any third-party KYC or AML requirements for any of the Travelstart group companies
  • Internal data room for legal documents
    • Maintain a repository (internal data room) for all legal and company documents for Travelstart Online, Travelstart Services and TravelLab Global
      • Constituting documents (Certificates of Registration/Incorporation, AoA, MoA)
      • Share certificate and Share Registries
      • Registries of Directors
      • Tax registration documents
      • Local regulatory/approval documents
      • Minutes and resolutions of board and shareholder meetings
      • Legal contracts, NDAs, MOUs etc.
      • Dividend distributions
      • Signed audited financial statements
      • Any corporate governance documentation
      • Legal contracts
    • Ensure that appointed officials are recorded with the authorities in the various jurisdictions as being company officers. Specifically company secretary, directors, auditors and any other requirement.
    • Ensure that all annual returns are done on time, are accurate, and are filed with the relevant authorities in the various jurisdictions.
    • Assist with all administrative issues with the board: - meetings, appointments, orientation, minutes, communications, etc.
    • Assist will all administrative functions with the shareholders: - notice of AGM, conduct of AGM, minutes, resolutions, voting, communications.
  • Maintain a repository (internal data room) of significant legal and company documents for other group companies
  • Ensure that Contracts are only signed by authorised individuals
  • Effectively manage and maintain the CLM process, including management of the e-signing processes and procedures
  • Ensure that contracts are written to secure obligations from the other party as intended, that the company is protected, and that they are enforceable and properly executed.
  • Summarise material contracts when requested to do so.
  • Maintain a listing of all Trademarks registered for all Travelstart group companies
  • Mange the renewal of the Trademarks according to the respective renewal dates
  • Manage the registration process for any new Trademarks
  • Mange the relationship with our Trademark lawyers (Zacco)
Corporate legal work and external lawyers
  • Assist Travelstarters with corporate legal work, inter alia – contracts, MOUs, NDAs and legal advice
    • Reading the legal document and raising concerns/risks
    • Ensuring the document is signed by the correct person with the relevant authority
    • Identifying circumstances where external legal assistance/advice is required
  • Manage the relationship with Travelstart’s external legal counsel
  • Provide advice where needed regarding POPI and PCI (Travelstart ZA)
Risk Management Oversight Committee
  • Act as Deputy Chair of the Travelstart Risk Management Oversight Committee
  • Assist the Chief of Staff in role as Chairperson of the Travelstart Risk Management Oversight Committee
  • Ensure that Travelstart South Africa is compliant with any other applicable laws/regulations, inter alia
    • Consumer Protection Act
    • Electronic Communications and Transaction Act
  • Create plans to manage a crisis or compliance violation
  • Maintain the complete “compliance universe” being all the material legislation that the company needs to comply with.
  • Other adhoc legal/ industry related assistance to various teams as requested
  • Educate and train Travelstarters on various legal/regulatory/industry matters and practices
  • Collaborate with external auditors and People Team when needed
  • Address employee concerns or questions on legal compliance
  • Keep abreast of internal standards and business goals
Employee Lifecycle Management
  • Work with the HR team to build Travelstart’s employer brand by publicising the culture, benefits, and other unique facets on various platforms such as our website, LinkedIn etc.
  • Headhunt or otherwise actively recruit high quality candidates for Travelstart open positions.
  • Effectively manage Travelstart applicant pool, and develop a candidate pool that can be recruited from over time.
  • Training delivery to all hiring managers on how to Select, Vett and Interview candidates endeavouring to impart skills in line with best practice both in accordance with company policy and the groups staffing objectives.
  • Reinvent and reintroduce the Company’s onboarding program, starting with Company Orientation, and working closely with Travelstart HR Team members and Business Unit leaders to provide a clear road map for new and existing
  • hires to reach their personal and professional goals.
  • Working alongside the Travelstart HR (People) Team and to role out and monitor the development plans.
  • Providing training to the Business Unit Leaders in how to manage their people as well as various HR guidelines training.
  • Monitoring the Application of these processes to ensure a longer retention of top performing staff members and effectively ascertain the Business Unit Leaders performance in this regard.
  • Being available to perform exit interviews.
  • Working closely with Travelstart’s HR (People) team members to optimize the questions asked within the said interviews in order to ascertain the most objective and rich feedback.
Monthly Payroll
  • Ensure that payroll is processed timeously for all employees: including reviewing
  • Implement and maintain payroll best practices to improve efficiency and consult with the full HR team to improve payroll and HRIS processes.
  • Evaluate and implement payroll/HRIS systems upgrades and changes.
  • Oversee preparation of relevant statutory reports and submit accordingly.
  • Respond to all pension claims in a timely manner.
  • Maintain employee records in payroll/HRIS systems.
  • Administer the time and attendance policy and paid leave policy for all employees.
  • Any other assigned tasks.
HR Team Management
  • Management of the Global HR Team
  • Guide Strategy for the HR Department
  • Preparation of quarterly Business Updates to be presented to the team
  • Conduct quarterly performance reviews of HR team staff
Employee Engagement
  • Continuous engagement with staff across all markets to ensure people strategies are being carried out consistently.
  • Providing Managerial support to the global management team.
  • Ensure HR disputes are resolved in a timely manner/ within the required timeframe.
  • Representing the HR team in quarterly board meetings
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience as a lawyer with HR experience
  • Experience in risk management
  • Proven experience as a Compliance Officer or Compliance Manager will be advantageous
  • Experience within an Audit Firm will be advantageous
  • Experience within the Travel industry will be advantageous
  • Bachelor’s degree, LLB
  • Admitted attorney
  • CGISA qualification and/ or LLM advantageous
  • Software: MS Word, MS Excel, Ms Outlook, MS PowerPoint;
  • Strong risk assessment/audit capabilities with hands on experience
  • Business acumen
  • Ability to feedback on governance, risk and compliance issues in a structured manner
  • Proven ability to assess risks and controls and to identify solutions to reduce risk
  • Team player and the ability to collaborate
  • Adherence to Principles and Values
  • Integrity and professional ethics
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrates initiative and commitment
  • Ability to adjust to changing priorities while multitasking effectively
  • Time management and ability to work under pressure
  • Quality and detail orientation
  • Pro-active and practices sense of urgency
  • Highly organised effectively prioritises
  • Solution driven
  • Self-motivated and passionate

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