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Home to about eight million people, Bandung is one of Indonesia’s biggest and busiest cities. You won’t encounter a single dull moment on its streets, which are super hectic but also rich in colour and culture.
The city gives you a taste of metropolitan life in Indonesia with its heaving restaurants, cafes, markets, and industries, while grand reminders of the island nation’s Dutch colonial era lie hidden in Bandung’s streets.
In Bandung tourists discover sprawling tea plantations, culinary delights, volcanic peaks and mesmerising hot springs all within reach of the city.

Visa Requirements & SA Embassy Details

  • South African passport holders travelling to Bandung do require a Visa to enter Indonesia. Before applying, ensure that your SA passport has at least 6 months remaining on it from your return date and that you have at least 2 blank pages available for stamps.
  • The South African Embassy is in the capital city Jakarta. Address: Wisma GKBI, Suite 705, 7th floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 28, Jakarta 10210 Indonesia. Phone: +62-21 2991 2500. Website:

See and do

Kawah Putih: This beautiful Crater Lake is a few hours away from Bandung, but it is definitely worth the drive. Its name translates to ‘White Crater’ because of the white colour of the sand and rocks around the lake. The lake itself is lighter than most other water bodies because of its high acid content. The area is generally cool, which is in stark contrast to the otherwise humid climate that dominates most of Indonesia.
Tangkuban Perahu: This active volcano is visible from Bandung itself. Hiking up to the edge of the crater is a breath-taking experience. At the top you get to see the hot water springs on the crater surface. If you prefer not to hike, you can also drive up all the way to the rim. Its name translates to ‘overturned boat’, which is in reference to its distinctive shape.
Museum Konperensi: Also known as the Museum of the Asian-African Conference, this museum is located inside the Freedom Building where the historic conference of 1955 took place. It has many significant photographs from the conference on display, including of famous figures such as Ho Chi Minh, Nasser, and Jawaharlal Nehru.
Museum Geologi: Bandung’s Geological Museum shows you another aspect of the city’s history. Its exhibits give you an idea of Indonesia’s geological and volcanic background. As most of the information written in the museum is in Indonesian, it is recommended you hire a guide when visiting.

Husein Sastranegara International Airport– BDO

Bandung Airport was built during the Dutch colonial period and it currently has capacity to serve one million passengers a year. It has two executive lounges along with several restaurants, shops, Internet access and ATM facilities. The airport is located 5km north-west of Bandung city centre and 2.4km from Bandung Central train station.
Lost Luggage: Lost hold luggage should be handled by your individual airline’s help desk. Report items lost or found within the airport terminal to Bandung Airport authorities.
Airport Hotels: Bandung International Airport is located 5km from the city centre. There is a wide variety of hotels within a 10 minute taxi ride from the airport.
Car Hire: There are no car hiring services at Bandung Airport, however a taxi service is available at the arrivals exit. Buy a coupon from the Airport Taxi counter outside arrivals.
Airport Hub: Bandung Airport Husein Sastranegara (code BDO) is a hub for Lion Air and Indonesia AirAsia.

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