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With more than 2.7 million inhabitants, Kaohsiung is the second most populated city in the south of Taiwan. It’s also known as the Harbour Capital of Taiwan. With fine weather throughout the year, it makes for an ideal holiday destination. Find your cheap tickets to Kaohsiung with today!
Interestingly, Kaohsiung began as a small fishing village, Takao, in the 17th century but today it is a bustling city with less congestion than the capital but just as many exciting tourist attractions.

Visa Requirements & SA Embassy Details

  • South African Passport holders do need a Visa to visit Taipei, Taiwan. Leave plenty of time for Visa processing, and make sure your passport is valid for 6 months after your return date, and that you have 3 blank pages available for entry stamps.
  • The South African Liaison Office to Taiwan is in Taipei. Suite 1301, 13th Floor, Bank Tower Building, 205 Tun Hwa North Road, Taipei 105, Taiwan. Phone: + 886 2 8175 8588. Website:

See and do

For the ultimate seafood experience check out Cijin – a small island which acts as a natural breakwater within the Kaohsiung harbour. It’s here that you will find enticing seafood restaurants boasting freshly caught seafood that will be prepared only once you’ve picked it out. Cijin is connected to the rest of the city via underwater tunnels and ferries are the best way to reach it. Cijin also has a plaza with a small beach at the end of it. There is a lighthouse and fort on a hill with fantastic views of the city and ocean.
For something more spiritual you can visit TianHou Temple in the ChiJin District. It’s within this district that many fishermen live and at this temple, built three hundred years ago, that they worship. The Dome of Light, situated in the Formosa Boulevard MRT Station is a public artwork created by an Italian artist and is one of the world’s largest stained glass installations. There are four sections to the dome: fire, light, water and earth and it takes the form of a yin and yang symbol.
Monkey Mountain, or Shoushan, lies on the west coast and is home to a variety of primate inhabitants. You’re not permitted to feed the monkeys but many a local person does! There’s also a small zoo with some rather exotic creatures. If you like, you can climb the mountain and make your way to the western side where there is the Chaisan Nature Park.
Be sure to visit the night markets and indulge in great food and good shopping. The Liuho Night Market is popular with tourists. Pick up traditional tea ornaments such as pots and cups to take home as a memento of your Kaohsiung trip.
Walking is a good way to get around the city but do be mindful of the scooters! There is also a reliable metro service as well as an English-speaking taxi service. Bicycles are common in the city and easy to rent. Scooters tend to be the primary means of transport with locals. Car rental, bus and boat are also options for getting around Kaohsiung.

Kaohsiung International Airport – KHH

The Kaohsiung International Airport is located in the Siaogang District and is a medium-sized facility and the second largest airport in Taiwan in terms of passenger movement.
Food and beverage: The Chef Teng Food Company services the departure lobby where you can grab a quick bite to eat and cup of coffee before boarding your flight.
Currency Exchange: There are ATM’s in both terminals. The Bank of Taiwan can be found in the international terminal should you need to exchange currency.
Car Hire: Heyuen Car-rent Limited Company, Carplus Auto Leasing Company.
Airport Hub: Kaohsiung International Airport (code KHH) is a hub for China Airlines.

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