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November is a great time for your ideal vacation as it falls right before the overly-busy festive season and, depending on your destination, you’re bound to experience lovely spring and autumn temperatures! Hot days in Africa and South America, cooler days in Europe and North America, or a mixture of them both in Asia – the possibilities are endless. Travelstart knows you’re all about making the most of your precious holidays, so let us guide you on the best places to visit in November – across the world!

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Popular High Season Destinations in November

    There are no high season European destinations in November. Check the other continents or scroll down to Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations to check for European countries that are affordable in November.

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in November

  • Sweden
  • Stockholm’s diversity is spectacularly displayed in its historic buildings, cuisine and eco-friendly design. Indulge in state-of-the-art shopping and glitzy nightlife in Gothenburg, while Helsingborg’s castles and smoky jazz clubs will enchant you.

    Shop at the cosy, sweet-filled Christmas markets

    Dog-sledge through snowy mountains and wilderness

    See the northern lights in Swedish Lapland

    Pack jackets and boots for temperatures of 2°C

  • Lithuania
  • Lithuania is a tiny gem, brimming with Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance architecture. History, folk culture, art, cuisine, mineral spas and wild landscapes bring Lithuania to life. Explore the vibrant buildings, pubs, and designer boutiques in Vilnius.

    Take a trip to Trakai Historical National Park

    Visit the Hill of Crosses in Šiauliai

    Eat a ‘zeppelin’ and other native treats!

    Pack warmly for a cold 1°C!

  • Macedonia
  • For an off-the-beaten-track European adventure, visit Macedonia. See Balkan history in the architecture and museums in Skopje, while its lakes and national parks reveal beautiful scenery. Food tours, bazaars, hiking trails and ski trips are a must!

    Visit the medieval villages in Ohrid

    Ride a cable car to the peak of Mount Vodno

    Don’t miss the Taksirat Music Festival in Skopje

    Daytime averages reach around 7°C

Events in November

Spain – Mira Festival

The Mira festival in Barcelona is an annual digital art display that brings together both electronic music and astounding visual displays. Thousands travel from across the world to join in the atmosphere and enjoy the sights and sounds of international artists during this 2-day celebration.

10-17°C daytime temperatures

Second weekend of November


Hungary – New Cheese and Wine Festival

Join in the joyous celebration of tasting the season’s new wines as hundreds of wine-makers come together to display their most intricate flavours. Pair it up with some of Hungary’s tastiest and well-known cheese farms, and you’re guaranteed a flavourful weekend and some great times!

2-8°C daytime temperatures

Last weekend of November


Italy - Rome Jazz Festival

Grant your ears and entire soul a great reason to dance as you enjoy the Rome Jazz Festival, held in July and November annually. Artists from across Europe and the US come together to bring the sweet sounds to the city of Rome, and you can look forward to everything from classical to modern beats.

8-17°C daytime temperatures

Dates TBA



Popular High Season Destinations in November

  • Morocco
  • A whirlwind of senses and delights, Morocco is no stranger to tourists, drawing visitors from far and wide! Marrakesh, Fes and Casablanca may be of the most well-known North African cities, but the seaside towns of the country are just as astounding!

    Sail around the port of Essaouira

    Bargain your way around the souks of Fes

    Visit the Hassan ll Mosque in Casablanca

    Feel the cool air breeze at 22°C

  • Egypt
  • Egypt is a wonderland to anyone up for some adventure. While its grand pyramids and Nile cruises are the obvious drawcards, Egypt also offers wonderful beaches, snorkelling, colourful souks, desert safaris under the Arabian stars, and delicious food.

    Explore the Pyramids and Great Sphinx of Giza

    Go snorkelling off the beaches at the Red Sea

    Shop up a storm at the souks in downtown Cairo

    Pack light with temperatures reaching up to 25°C

  • Ghana
  • The dry season is perfect for safari adventures, exploring its villages and markets, and spending hours admiring its caramel beaches. From Accra’s golden beaches to Kumasi’s Ashanti culture, Ghana warmly welcomes you to its people and landscapes.

    Go surfing along Kokrobite and Busua beaches

    See the slave forts at Cape Coast Castle

    Visit Wli Waterfalls and Kakum National Park

    Enjoy highs of 31°C and minimal rainfall

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in November

  • Mozambique
  • A true African gem, Mozambique is filled with lazy days spent lounging on pristine beaches, off-the-beaten-track coastal drives and diving with whales and other beauties. Mozambique is also renowned for its amazing selection of the freshest seafood!

    Go snorkelling off the Barazatu Archipelago

    Lose yourself in the rhythm of Maputo

    Visit Gorongosa National Park in the Rift Valley

    Unwind to summer day temperatures of 28°C

  • Namibia
  • Namibia is a land of magical experiences and warm people. Its sand dunes, canyons, beaches, golden savannas and wild game reserves paint a stunning landscape, while its beach towns, Victorian architecture and Bavarian atmosphere welcome every visitor.

    Hike through the Fish River Canyon

    Hot-air balloon over the Swakopmund landscapes

    Meet whales on ocean safaris in Walvis Bay

    Summer days warm up to a toasty 30°C

  • Malawi
  • This ‘warm heart of Africa’ welcomes you to its beautiful landscapes, majestic wildlife, sugary beaches and friendly locals. Explore the arts scene, museums and markets in Blantyre. Taste the local culture and cuisine in Lilongwe.

    Take a swim in Lake Malawi

    Do a tea tasting en-route to Mulanje Mountains

    Check out the wildlife at Liwonde National Park

    Expect high rainfall and temperatures of 23°C

Events in November

Nigeria - Africa International Film Festival

Known as AFRIFF, this week-long film festival showcases the best of African film in the vibrant city of Lagos! Industry leaders get together to discuss, promote and exchange ideas on how to further advance and promote the film industry in Africa. Those in attendance are always in for a treat as only the best of the best films gets screened daily.

23-31°C daytime temperatures

Third week of November


Cape Town, South Africa - Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts

Take advantage of warm evenings and sing along to some of Africa’s finest artists during the summer concerts that take place in the beautiful botanical gardens, Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town. Concerts run all the way from November to April every year, and regulars know to book weeks in advance to catch their favourite acts! Pack in your picnic baskets, bring your friends and family and enjoy these magical summer nights.

13-23°C daytime temperatures

Starts mid-November

Cape Town

Morocco - Independence Day

See the country of Morocco come alive in all its bright colours and splendour during its Independence Day celebrations, held annually. From major cities such as Marrakesh and Casablanca to the small country-side villages, gatherings are held to commemorate Morocco gaining its independence from France. There are no official parades or gatherings, but the people of the country are known to throw feasts, dress in traditional attire and have large, happy get-togethers in the evenings.

11-21°C daytime temperatures

18th of November

Across the country

Asia & Oceania

Popular High Season Destinations in November

  • Thailand
  • November indicates the end of the wet season in Thailand and guarantees a great holiday! There’s so much to do in this magical country, from shopping and temple-hopping in Bangkok to visiting pristine beaches along the Phuket and Krabi provinces.

    Visit the Great Palace in Bangkok

    Catch some sun at the famous Railay Beach

    Enjoy the food stalls in Chiang Mai

    Bring sunscreen for a daily average of 27°C

  • Pakistan
  • Pakistan is an incredibly photogenic country. Let it amaze you with its thunderous waterfalls, pine forests, golden valleys and bold rock formations. Lahore features historic museums and shrines, while Karachi is home to ornate palaces and mosques.

    Shop at Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore

    Visit the iconic Pakistan Monument in Islamabad

    Capture the beauty of the Deosai Plateau

    Cooler temperatures peak at around 25°C

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Arabia is full of symbolism and spirituality. November is the ideal time to escape the heat, where chic lifestyle and outdoor adventures await. Riyadh is a shopping paradise, while Jeddah offers incredible architecture and diving in the Red Sea.

    Hike in the majestic Sarawaat Mountains in Ta’if

    Visit the ancient tombs of Madain Saleh

    See the Floating Mosque and Gates of Mecca

    Enjoy a warm average of 21°C

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in November

  • Vietnam
  • November is the ideal time to visit the emerald rice fields of Sapa, just outside Hanoi. Wander around the museums and coffee shops and immerse yourself in the local culture. Enjoy fewer crowds around the temples, street cafes and night markets.

    Visit the iconic the War Remnants Museum

    See the floating markets along the Mekong Delta

    Try traditional dishes like Bún Chả and Phở

    Ho Chi Minh City welcomes temperatures of 27°C

  • Australia
  • Splash into summer with Australia’s beautiful coastlines, warm water and scenic landscapes. Explore Canberra’s botanical gardens, museums and galleries; get your culture fix in trendy Melbourne, and soak up the silken coastline along Gold Coast.

    Catch a performance at the Sydney Opera House

    Visit the beaches and botanical gardens in Perth

    Enjoy Brisbane’s jazz and café culture

    A cool 16°C with a few showers

  • Israel
  • Israel’s balmy winter is ideal to visit its cosmopolitan seaside towns, ancient cities and natural wonders. Tel Aviv is home to a bustling nightlife and food scene. See Eilat’s beautiful temples and beaches, while Jerusalem’s sites will enthral you.

    Spend a day wandering Jerusalem’s Old City

    Catch the sunset along the Aqua Beach in Eilat

    Explore Tel Aviv’s art galleries and museums

    Temperatures hover at 16°C with little rainfall

Events in November

Thailand - Yi Peng & Loy Krathong Lantern Festival

Set the sky alight with the most astounding display of lights during this Thai festival of lanterns! Locals and tourists alike are invited to partake in this ritual that gives thanks to the universe for the rain and a good harvest. Pack in your camera and make sure to capture the sight of thousands of floating lanterns across the Thai sky.

23-30°C daytime temperatures

After the full moon

Chiang Mai

Macau – Grand Prix

Screeching tires, fast cars and overall excitement in the air is what you can look forward to and more at the Macau Grand Prix. Formula Three cars race each other along narrow, tightly-wound roads in a game of speed and endurance for the chance to grab the Number 1 spot!

18-25°C daytime temperatures



Australia - Strawberry Fields

An annual festival held on a 2-hour drive from Melbourne, Australia, the Strawberry Fields music festival gains more and more popularity every year as the lineup is of the most impressive. Drawing on urban and Indie sounds, the event is a summertime must if you happen to be ‘down under’ during November!

18-25°C daytime temperatures

Second weekend of November


North & Central America

Popular High Season Destinations in November

  • Cuba
  • After the rainy season of South America comes the sun and fun in Cuba, home to the famous Havana. Cuba offers lots of heritage sites, Cuban cigars, and wine to get ready for nights of dancing away. Don’t forget to pack in your swimsuit either!

    Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site, Old Havana

    Relax in the sun on Varadero beach

    Spend some time exploring Santiago de Cuba

    Enjoy summer temperatures of around 24-28°C

  • Haiti
  • If warm, caramel beaches and friendly culture is what you’re after, Haiti hits the spot. Steeped with historical monuments, lush rainforests, misty mountaintops and gorgeous beaches, Haiti is the perfect summer break.

    Enjoy rum tastings at Le Festival du Rhum

    Snorkel along the idyllic Kokoye beach

    Visit Sans-Souci Palace and Citadelle Laferriere

    November welcomes you with a warm 27°C

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in November

  • Guatemala
  • Guatemala is definitely one of the less-travelled paths. Its simplicity, charm and relaxed way of life makes it great for backpacking. Discover its ancient history with guided tours and treks through its rainforests, volcanoes and vibrant cobbled streets.

    Learn all about Guatemalan coffee culture

    Spot monkeys and toucans on jungle hikes

    Explore the ancient Mayan ruins

    Cool 20°C weather is ideal for outdoor adventure!

  • Barbados
  • An island humming with pearly beaches, exotic cuisine and incredible beauty, Barbados is the perfect summer holiday! Explore underground caves and lakes, relax on palm-fringed beaches and taste some of the finest rum in the Caribbean.

    Swim with turtles in Folkestone Marine Park

    Picnic in Farley Hill National Park

    Sample tasty rum at St. Nicholas Abbey distillery!

    Expect summer rain showers amid 26°C weather

  • Puerto Rico
  • Puerto Rico is a nature-lover’s dream. Its tropical rainforests, sprawling beaches and caves are fascinating. Colonial architecture, old forts, tiny villages and quirky cafés make for a fantastic day out. Don’t forget your swimwear or camera at home!

    Capture the Spanish buildings in San Juan

    Hike through El Yunque National Forest

    Laze on the stunning beaches on Culebra Island

    Daytime highs reach 29°C with summer showers

Events in November

Canada - Winter Festival of Lights

An enchanting winter festival that will put a smile on even the coldest of faces, the annual Niagara Falls winter lights celebration promises an array of spectacular colours and brings out more than one million visitors every year! The festival displays more than 2 million lights, capturing the absolute wonder of the festive season.

Daytime temperature of -3-7°C

18 November-end of January

Niagara Falls

USA – Thanksgiving Day Parade

If you’re in the USA over Thanksgiving, make sure to head to downtown New York City for the Thanksgiving Day Parade! There is cheer and excitement in the air as floats make their way along Central Park and end up in front of Macy’s department store. Besides the parade, you can look forward to bright colours, hundreds of stalls and plenty of photo opportunities during this tradition that started in 1924.

5-18°C daytime temperatures

Last Thursday of November

New York City

Mexico - Day of the Dead

This colourful and artistic celebration has become popular across the world, but with its roots in Mexico, you can expect that the best of it is held in its home country. Though the theme may be ‘death’, you won’t find a gloomy face around as the festival is about respecting and celebrating the lives of those who have passed on. Expect colourful decorations and white-and-black painted faces in all directions!

7-22°C daytime temperatures

First week of November

Across the country

South America

Popular High Season Destinations in March

  • Chile
  • Chile is famous for its natural scenery and off-the-beaten-track attractions. The country has a wealth of cultural and historical interest and its capital city, Santiago, has a throbbing new-age art scene with few rivals in this part of the world.

    Hike the trails in Torres del Paine National Park

    Visit the Mars-like Atacama desert

    Absorb the culture on the streets of Santiago

    Enjoy sunny temperatures of around 23-25°C

  • Argentina
  • Let the pulse of this enigmatic country feed your soul with Latin dance, Argentine cuisine and natural beauty. The capital city, Buenos Aires, offers something for every kind of traveller, while all towns and cities are lit with South American flair!

    Absorb the beauty of world-famous Iguazu Falls

    Explore the beaches of Mar del Plata

    Enjoy the coffee and art scene of Buenos Aires

    An average daily temperature of 25°C

  • Suriname
  • A melting pot of Dutch and Caribbean culture, Suriname is a small country brimming with colonial heritage and tropical rainforests. Explore its nature reserves, exotic wildlife and history. Every night’s a party at Cuban lounges and music events!

    Admire the Dutch architecture in Paramaribo

    Go on a guided jungle-trekking adventure

    Taste a buffet of Asian and European flavours

    Daily temperatures average 27°C

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in November

  • Brazil
  • November in Brazil is a great choice for your vacation as it welcomes warm temperatures. There’s always plenty to do in this South American country, from taking in the sights in Sao Paulo, to checking out the famous beaches of Copacabana.

    Take the scenic cable car up Corcovado Mountain

    Visit the famous Ipanema and Copacabana beaches

    Try some Brazilian treats such as brigadeiro

    Warm days with light rains at 27°C

  • Peru
  • Embrace adventure in this South American country as you visit ancient civilization and Inca ruins, and make sure to meet some adorable llama while you’re there! Take a trip to the exotic Amazon or enjoy the coffee culture in Lima, the capital city.

    Visit the pre-Columbian city of Cusco

    Enjoy Peruvian cuisine across Lima

    Of course, make sure to visit Machu Picchu!

    Spring day highs of around 23°C

  • Uruguay
  • Feel the beat of this vivacious country, where Latino flavours and tango rule the nights. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches, delectable wines and 18th century Spanish and Portuguese architecture, your time in Uruguay will be unforgettable.

    An ideal time for whale watching and snorkelling

    Taste excellent South America wine near San José

    Get lost in the streets of Colonia del Sacramento

    The cool spring air lingers at around 19°C

Events in November

Brazil – International Coffee Week

Coffee lovers rejoice as Brazil brings you the best coffee on offer during this caffeine-infused gathering. The week sees all of the industry specialists come together, from farmers to roasters to exporters and everyone else. Visitors can look forward to the most wonderful aromas and tastings in Belo Horizonte, Brazil’s largest coffee producing state.

17-27°C daytime temperatures

Second week of November

Belo Horizonte

Argentina - Gay Pride Festival

The Buenos Aires Gay Pride Festival has grown into a spectacular event that takes place in Plaza de Mayo every year in November. From humble beginnings, it has since become an enigmatic display of floats, beauty and dancing that is loved by the LGBT community as well as everyone else who enjoys a good party! The parade generally starts at around noon and goes on into the late evening.

16-25°C daytime temperatures

First or second Saturday
of November

Buenos Aires

Peru – Puno Week Festival

This Peruvian city is all about paying homage to the original Inca nation, in a fun-filled gathering that involves street parades, traditional dress and delicious foods to sample. The festival runs for a full week, and there’s little time to rest as visitors will find plenty to partake in during this time, including learning a folk dance or two and watching enigmatic firework displays in the evenings.

14-23°C daytime temperatures

First week of November


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