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October is a beautiful time of year around the world. Autumn settles in the Northern Hemisphere and spring temperatures beckon in the Southern Hemisphere. October signals exciting things – autumn brings beautiful foliage landscapes to Europe and North America, while spring is the time for blossoming flowers in Africa, Asia and South America. We’ve highlighted some of the best places to visit in October, worldwide!

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Popular High Season Destinations in October

    Autumn in Georgia is a beautiful spectacle for travellers and locals to this Eurasian destination. Georgia is made up of vast valleys, mountains and sea. The summer heat decreases as temperatures hover around 20°C in Tbilisi.

    Take a dip in the Sulfur Baths

    Visit Bateti Lake in Kodmani

    Help harvest wine in Kakheti

    Trek the Caucasian Mountains

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in October

  • France
  • October is the best time to visit France as there are fewer tourists, lower prices and moderate temperatures. The autumn colours are at their best during the shoulder season. Harvest season in France’s wine region is in full swing this time of year.

    Do the Zombie Walk in Paris

    Attend the Beer Festival in Bordeaux

    See the incredible architecture in Lyon

    Cool temperatures of 16°C

  • Bulgaria
  • Situated in Southeast Europe, Bulgaria is an exotic destination brimming with an exciting nightlife and eclectic art. Take in its mountain ranges, beaches and historic towns without the hassle of crowds. During October, Bulgaria is one of Europe’s cheapest destinations to explore.

    Spend a day in Sofia's parks

    Explore the ancient city of Nessebar

    Visit the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia

    Average temperatures between 11°C and 17°C

  • Iceland
  • The chances of seeing the Northern Lights increase during October with less daylight hours. This bucketlist destination offers surreal natural landscapes adorned with beautiful colours in autumn. Don’t forget to taste the interesting food!

    Explore the hot springs and natural pools

    Check out the Golden Circle

    Enjoy the museums in Reykjavik

    Pack your boots and beanie for an icy 5-7°C

Events in October

Germany – Oktoberfest

The world’s largest and most well-known beer festival originates in Munich. The annual beer and folk festival runs for 18 days and welcomes more than six million people from around the world. Oktoberfest gives a glimpse into Bavarian culture. The festival incorporates a variety of beer, music, scrumptious local cuisine, fun rides and a fantastic atmosphere. The world’s largest and most well-known beer festival originates in Munich. The annual beer and folk festival runs for 18 days and welcomes more than six million people from around the world. Oktoberfest gives a glimpse into Bavarian culture. The festival incorporates a variety of beer, music, scrumptious local cuisine, fun rides and a fantastic atmosphere.

A cool 14°C

Late September to first weekend of October


Italy – Eurochocolate

Eurochocolate is a festival entirely dedicated to chocolate, and is a century-old tradition in Perugia. At this sought-after chocolate event, attendees get to indulge in tastings, cooking shows and chocolate art displays. Perugia’s historic centre is encapsulated by chocolate stalls, street performances, and gigantic chocolate sculptures. The festival takes places over nine days and draws approximately one million tourists and Italian natives yearly.

Average high of 19°C

Mid to late October


France – Nuit Blanche

White Night, or Paris Nuit Blanche, is an annual art festival in Paris which sees museums, private and public art galleries, city halls, cinemas and other cultural institutions open to the public until the early hours of the morning. The city comes alive with art installations, themed social gatherings, parades, live performances and other cultural activities.

16°C daily temperatures

First Saturday in October



Popular High Season Destinations in October

  • Namibia
  • Tourists flock to the Southern African country for its incredible wildlife viewing. Visit in October, when it’s sunny and there is virtually no rain. Explore the desert landscapes, indigenous history and lovely beaches. Prepare for Namibia’s unique enchantment!

    Sandboard down the dunes in Walvis Bay

    Meet the Himba people

    Explore Etosha National Park

    A hot 29°C

  • Swaziland
  • Swaziland can be visited year-round. However, tourists flock to this destination from October because of its rolling green landscapes and lovely sunny weather. Swaziland is a visual treat during this vibrant month. Get ready for adrenaline-pumping activities.

    Go on a wildlife safari

    Visit Shewula Mountain Camp

    Go white water rafting

    A lovely 23°C

  • Zimbabwe
  • This landlocked African country is home to many incredible sites and people. With its game parks, friendly locals and historical ruins, Zimbabwe is a rewarding travel destination. Make visiting Victoria Falls a priority.

    Explore the Great Zimbabwe Ruins

    Visit the national parks

    Taste the local cuisine

    Average temperature of 23°C

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in October

  • Ghana
  • Ghana is considered one of the best places to visit in October. Immerse yourself in the Ghanaian culture - meet tribal chiefs and celebrate with colourful festivals. Witness the charms of the beautiful people of Ghana and its tropical landscapes.

    Visit the Cape Coast Castle

    Shop at Kejetia Market

    Taste delicious West African cuisine

    A sizzling 30°C with low rainfall

  • Sao Tome and Principe
  • This archipelago is abundant with soulful rhythm. Retreat from everyday bustling city life and unwind here. This two-island nation boasts some magnificent landscapes. Visit in October to see the gigantic and mesmerising humpback whales.

    Trail walk in Obo National Park

    Learn about the local culture

    Go swimming at the beautiful beaches

    Welcoming temperatures of 24-29°C

  • Uganda
  • Early October is the best time for game viewing in Uganda’s savannah parks. It’s the start of the shoulder season, which means lower prices and more lodge availability. In addition to your October safari, visit Murchison Falls and the charming town, Jinja.

    Explore Igongo Cultural Centre

    Go gorilla trekking

    See the tea plantations

    An enjoyable 27°C

Events in October

South Africa – Rocking the Daisies

Thousands of locals and travellers make their way to the West Coast town of Darling in October, every year, for the Rocking the Daisies music festival. It is one of the biggest outdoor festivals in South Africa and boasts some of the best international and local acts. Attendees get to enjoy live and electronic acts, with over three stages delivering diverse music. Previous acts include Mac Miller, Desmond and the Tutus, The Kooks and Hugh Masekela. Camp out at the beautiful Cloof Wine Estate while dancing to your heart’s content. There are also amazing food and craft stalls to discover.

A lovely 20°C

Early October

Cape Town

Morocco – Erfoud Date Festival

The Erfoud Date Festival is held over three days, and celebrates the harvest of more than a million date palms in Erfoud. The locals celebrate with traditional music, dancing and colourful processions. The celebrations include a fashion parade through the streets of the quiet little town and the crowning of the ‘Date Queen’.

A cool 21°C

Early October


Uganda – Kampala City Festival

This cultural festival brings many visitors to Kampala in October. It is considered the biggest street party in East Africa. The city comes alive with incredible sights, vibrant sounds and lively rhythms. Kampala City Festival is a combination of dancing, live music and a national dress competition.

Average temperatures between 17°C and 22°C

First week of October


Asia & Oceania

Popular High Season Destinations in October

  • South Korea
  • Although autumn arrives in late October, South Korea’s weather is usually dry and sunny. Attend the Kimchi Festival, held at the end of October, when the best of the Gwangju region’s kimchi-makers assemble to display their creations.

    Go hiking in the national parks

    Attend the night markets

    Go to the Busan Fireworks Festival

    A cool 18°C

  • Nepal
  • Immerse yourself in the mystical and spiritual world of Nepal. With awe-inspiring mountains and breathtaking monasteries, this Himalayan state will impress you far beyond your imagination. October is the best month for mountain trekking.

    Visit the temples of Kathmandu

    Go paragliding in Pokhara

    Go shopping in Patan

    Try mountain yoga in Pokhara

  • Oman
  • Get a taste of old Arabia in Oman. Its beautiful landscapes and cultural traditions along its streets offer an escape back in time. The bustling souks, stunning architecture and natural attractions make Oman a must-visit destination.

    Explore Muscat's ancient history

    Visit Nizwa Fort

    Go canyoning at Wadi Ash Shab

    Prepare for a scorching 35°C

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in October

  • Laos
  • This Southeast Asian country is the perfect destination for the curious traveller. Buddhism is witnessed throughout the everyday life of the locals. It is the ideal place for those who want to unwind amidst Laos’ natural beauty.

    Visit the charming town of Luang Prabang

    Check out Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre

    Taste authentic Laotian street food

    Enjoy warm temperatures reaching 30°C

  • Mongolia
  • Mongolia is blessed with about 250 sunny days throughout the year. October is a great time to visit Mongolia, especially the Gobi Desert. This interesting nation is home to the world’s last surviving nomadic cultures. Go trekking for the best views!

    Check out Ulaanbaatar’s nightlife

    Taste Mongolian cuisine

    Learn about the country’s history

    Pack warm clothing for an average of 8°C

  • Vietnam
  • Vietnam is a land of immense beauty and diverse cultures. Its landscapes, people and history make it a destination worth seeing. Hanoi is a pleasant 21°C, while Ho Chi Minh warms up to 31°C. Encounter both village and island life in Vietnam!

    Do a food tour

    Cruise along the Mekong Delta

    Hike up Mount Fansipan in Sapa

    29°C daytime temperatures

Events in October

China - National Day in China

This patriotic holiday is celebrated with concerts and fireworks. It is celebrated on 1 October to celebrate the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Large-scale activities are held nationwide. The holiday marks the start of Golden Week, when people go travelling around the country. The national day festivities take place in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Temperatures peak at 19°C

1 October

Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau

India – Diwali

Diwali, the Hindu ‘festival of lights’ is one of the most popular Hindu festivals in India. The festival sees millions attend to witness firework displays and offer prayers. Devotees decorate their homes with candles and colourful lights. Diwali is celebrated over five days, by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. Indian sweet dishes and treats are made and shared during Diwali. If you haven’t experienced the tastes, sounds and colours of Diwali, India is the place to do so!

A scorching 31°C

Varies according to Hindu calendar

All across India

Thailand – Phuket Vegetarian Festival

This nine-day Taoist celebration takes place on the island of Phuket. The festival attracts many spectators due to its unusual religious rituals that take place. Fire walking and razor blade ladder climbing are just some of the spectacles that you can encounter during the street processions of Phuket Town. The festival begins with a lantern pole-raising ceremony and closes with devotees crossing the bridge of purification.

Day temperatures reach 30°C

Varies according to lunar calendar


North & Central America

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in October

  • Mexico
  • There really is no bad time to visit Mexico. However, October is considered the best time to head to Mexico’s beach resorts. October has cooler weather and fewer crowds. The month is also abuzz with festivals in Guanajuatoand Guadalajara.

    Do a walking tour in Mexico City

    Head to the beaches in Cancún

    Visit the ancient sites

    A perfect 23°C for Mexican beach days

  • Barbados
  • The island is a lovely destination filled with natural beauty and incredible beaches. Drink straight out of a coconut for the authentic island experience. The city is alive with great soca and calypso music where you can enjoy the rhythms of Barbados.

    Explore Harrison’s Cave

    Go on an island safari

    Check out the baobab at Queen’s Park

    Warm temperatures reaching 29 °C

  • St. Lucia
  • St. Lucia is a year-round holiday destination with less visitors during October. Head out to sea and discover parrotfish, dramatic coral walls and more. Be sure to check out the vibrant street parties too.

    Explore Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

    Enjoy a rejuvenating day at a spa

    Sail along the coast

    Enjoy summer temperatures of around 31°C

Events in October

United States – Halloween

Halloween is a world-renowned American festival. Americans dress up in fun costumes and host parties. Children walk door-to-door, screaming “trick or treat” in hope of filling their baskets with candy. Some of the best cities to celebrate Halloween are New Orleans (one of the spookiest cities in America) and Salem, Massachusetts, because of the 1692 Salem witch trials – when almost 20 women and men were found guilty of practicing witchcraft. Orlando’s theme parks are also adorned with scary and spine-tingling decorations and thrilling activities.

A comfortable 21°C

31 October

Throughout the United States

Canada - Jasper Dark Sky Festival

The annual Dark Sky Festival is held over two weekends in October. Head to Jasper, Alberta to celebrate the fact that the National Park of Jasper is a Dark Sky Preserve. You’ll get incredible views of the night sky. The aim of the festival is to encourage people to take the time to look up at the night sky and marvel at the natural beauty. You can look forward to science exhibits, giant telescopes, educational talks, guest speakers and more to keep you entertained throughout the 10-day festival.

Moderate high of 15°C

Mid to late October


Mexico - Fiestas de Octubre

Visitors can enjoy 21 days of a large-scale fun-fair. Fiestas de Octubre aims to promote culture and tourism. Head to Guadalajara and take in all the fun that awaits in the city as it brightens with colour and music. Each year there is a different theme such as ‘Myths and Legends’, ‘Mexican Traditions’, and ‘Magical Towns of Jalisco’. The fair begins with a parade and continues with programmes, including art shows and music concerts.

Temperatures reach 28°C

The entire month of October


South America

Popular High Season Destinations in October

  • Bolivia
  • October is a great time to visit Bolivia as the sapphire skies accompany the dry weather. You can hike and climb the beautiful Bolivian landscapes to your heart’s content. There are so many magical activities to pursue in cities like La Paz.

    Dare to cycle the breathtaking Death Road

    Explore the historical streets of Santa Cruz

    Ride the world’s highest cable car in La Paz

    Mild temperatures reach a comfortable 24°C

  • Suriname
  • October is amongst Suriname’s warmest months. The tiny country is almost entirely covered by jungle with the most beautiful landscapes to explore. This lush destination is a combination of tropical rainforests and roaring rivers.

    Explore the inner city of Paramaribo

    Head to Brownsberg Nature Reserve

    Taste the diverse flavours of Suriname’s cuisine

    A sizzling, but enjoyable 33°C

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in October

  • Colombia
  • Colombia sees a relatively tranquil time in October. With dispersed summer crowds, you’ll get to enjoy destinations like the Amazonas Department which is great for wildlife viewing. Head to the Chocó Department for whale-watching season.

    Check out Caño Cristales

    Explore Medellin’s art scene

    Taste aromatic Colombian coffee

    Comfortable 20°C daytime temperatures

  • Venezuela
  • Venezuela is truly a beautiful destination, all political turmoil aside. Bear witness to its exquisite natural landscapes. October is a good time to visit as the full, flowing rivers make for wonderful boat cruising. Soak up the Venezuelan culture!

    Taste Venezuela’s unique fruit

    Hike up the Avila Mountain trail

    Visit Mount Roraima

    Warm temperatures reaching 27°C

Events in October

Colombia - San Pacho Festival

San Pacho Festival is considered to be one of Colombia’s most wild and raucous festivals. It takes place in Quibdo, the capital of the Pacific region of Chocó. The event is listed on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list and it is an expression of the wonderful Afro-Colombian culture. The locals celebrate with music, dancing, religious processions, partying and colourful garments. Enjoy the pulsating rumba rhythms moving through the streets.

An inviting 30°C

Late September to early October


Ecuador - Cacería del Zorro

The city of Ibarra celebrates its founding with a day-long celebration in October. The celebration involves costumed Zorro impersonators and horse riders. The Cacería del Zorro is like a fox hunt, with the Zorro impersonator wearing a fake fox trail. Hundreds of men, women and children take part in the chase. The festival begins with the horse parade and proceeds with horse riders attempting to make it down steep hills. They then make their way to the lakeside race track. This fun festival sees locals come out in support of the day’s festivities.

An inviting 28°C

6 October


Brazil - Cirio de Nazare

The Cirio de Nazare festival honours Our Lady of Nazareth. This religious festival is held on the second Sunday of October each year in Belém. The festival takes place along the Amazon River and is one of the world’s largest celebrations honouring Our Lady of Nazareth. More than one million people head to the city to participate in a procession.

A toasty 32°C

Early October


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