Delayed and Lost Baggage Protection

Travelstart, in partnership with Blue Ribbon Bags, offers a protection service that will track and expedite the return of your delayed or lost baggage. If your baggage is not found within 96 hours of your arrival, you will receive $1,000 per bag guaranteed.

Why you need this product:

Receive $1,000 per bag that has not been found after 96 hours.

One purchase covers all your checked baggage.

One purchase covers all your checked baggage.

How to add it to your booking:

1. Select your flight/s.

2. Select ‘Delayed and Lost Baggage Protection’ under Customise Your Trip.

3. Select payment method and complete booking payment.

  • This product must be purchased when you book your ticket. It is not possible to add it afterwards.
  • This product is only available on international flights booked with Travelstart. 
  • The product and processing fees are charged per person.
  • A processing fee per person will be payable upfront in order to process your refund.
  • Upon arrival at your flight’s destination, notify the airline of undelivered baggage.
  • Submit a missing baggage report. 
  • The airline will provide tracking information needed to file a missing baggage report with Blue Ribbon Bags. You can also report your Missing Baggage by phone at 888-BAGGAGE (888-224-4243) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You do not need any receipts for lost baggage content to receive your payment.
  • Blue Ribbon Bags will track and expedite the return of your baggage within 96 hours after reporting it missing.
  • If for any reason, a passenger has not received a service agreement from Blue Ribbon Bags after completing their booking with Travelstart, it is the passenger’s responsibility to contact Travelstart to notify us of your delayed or lost baggage, within 24 hours of your actual arrival time.
  • Should you fail to notify Travelstart of your delayed or lost baggage within 24 hours of the actual arrival time, we withhold the right to not be liable for covering the loss of a passenger’s delayed or lost baggage.
  • Please note that the processing time of your refund can take 6 – 8 weeks.
  • Email to request a refund on your product.

See full-service agreement, and terms and conditions here.

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