The Strangest Visa Questions Ever

Ever thought “Mmm, odd” when filling in a visa application? Every visa application requires something different. Some of it good, a lot of it bad, but more than likely something strange or hilarious may be asked or expected of you. Most often we (or sometimes even the authorities) can’t even explain why we have to answer certain questions, yet we still fill in that form. Why? Basically because we love to travel. These requirements are a must, no matter what, ultimately they decide whether to get to enter their country or not. Here are a few of the strangest visa application questions ever:

Often asked by the UK or US authorities: “Has the applicant ever been involved in, supported or encouraged terrorist activities in any country?” Of course you are going to tick “no”.

Seen on a Mexican visa application (this one is hilarious): “Describe your moustache/beard”. The options being bushy, clipped or trimmed. Of course.

When applying for an Australian visa: “Have you been to a farm in the past six weeks?” Is farming experience essential when admiring the Sydney Opera House?

American authorities allegedly once asked a man hoping to travel to the US: “What side of the bed does your wife sleep on?” Um, as baffled as you are.

This one I actually had to fill in a few weeks ago in order to apply for a Chinese visa: “Reasons for visiting”. Strangely, “visit” is listed as an option.

Asked to someone hoping to obtain a visa for the Middle east: “How many wives do you intend to bring?”

Do you have any to add to this list? Let us know.

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