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Deciding when to visit your dream destination is important since it could mean the difference between splurging on the holiday of your dreams or planning a budget break. Are you looking for a relaxing time? Or are you in the mood to experience the rush of peak season? March is one of the best times to go on holiday, because it offers you the best of both. To help you decide on your next holiday experience, see our list of the best places to visit in March!

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Popular High Season Destinations in March

    A winter holiday in Switzerland is like no other. The cosy villages and town come alive with skiers from all over exploring the beautiful, sleek white landscapes. Spend your days gliding down the pistes, sled racing or tobogganing, while dining in cosy restaurants and cafés by evening.

    Ski down majestic slopes, like the Matterhorn

    Explore the ancient architecture and history

    Visit picturesque Lucerne, Bern and Interlaken

    Pack your fur boots and beanies for a crisp 1°C!

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in March

  • England, United Kingdom
  • March is the perfect time to visit England and take advantage of all of the festive goodness that this country has to offer! Popular cities such as London, Liverpool and Manchester come alive in sparkly lights as the days get shorter and nights longer – perfect for a cosy trip abroad.

    Visit the Tower of London

    Take a cruise down the River Thames

    Tour the UEFA football stadiums

    A crisp 10°C with a hot chocolate in hand!

  • Spain
  • Take advantage of cheaper flights and accommodation, and fewer crowds during Spain’s low season. Spend your bright, sunny days taking in the sights and sounds of Spain’s history and architecture, while enjoying cosy cafés and festive markets as the evenings set in.

    Spend hours admiring Madrid’s museums and
    art galleries

    Taste as many different tapas dishes as possible!

    Hit the ski slopes in Granada, overlooking the city

    Daytime temperature average a brisk 9°C

  • Poland
  • Discover Poland’s awesome attractions and beauty of its landscapes. The cobbled streets of Warsaw are lined with art galleries, bustling cafés and historical buildings. Take a ski trip through its mountains, peaking out above Poland’s Gothic towns.

    Visit the majestic castles of Wawel and Malbork

    Take in the sombre history at Auschwitz

    Walk through enchanting the Wieliczka Salt Mines

    Prepare to wrap up for a brisk 2°C

Events in March

Ireland – Saint Patrick’s Day

March in Ireland brings a variety of exciting annual events. The most famous among them is the well-known Saint Patrick’s Day (17 March). A festival takes place around this day, where people wear green clothing or shamrocks, and there are public parades, festivals and cèilidhs (traditional Irish gatherings). To ensure you get the chance to enjoy this celebration, make sure to book accommodation three months in advance. Be sure to dress warmly and pack in a raincoat!

A cool 10°C and occasional showers

17 March


Florence, Italy – Taste of Florence Food Festival

It goes without saying that this European nation is a well-known culinary destination. There’s no better way to experience this than with the Taste of Florence Food Festival (3 days in mid-March), in the city of Florence. This event will let you discover a wonderful presentation of delicious dishes, products and ideas from around 300 eateries coming from all around Italy. The weather in Florence during mid-March consists of mainly warm sunny days, with temperatures at around 15°C. Be sure to dress warmly in the evenings.

A cool 15°C and mainly sunny days



Vrontados, Greece – Rouketopolemos (Rocket War)

A tradition that goes back at least 125 years, this fiery festival takes place every Easter on the island of Chios. The Greek village of Vrontados sees members of two rival churches staging a ‘rocket war’, firing thousands of homemade rockets at each other in an effort to hit the bells of the opposing churches. This spectacle of light blazes and noise is quite the scene and attracts many tourists – just make sure you keep a safe distance and take refuge inside a nearby building!

A crisp 12°C with a very little rain

Easter weekend (mid-April)

Vrontados, Chios


Popular High Season Destinations in March

  • Morocco
  • One of Africa’s many beautiful countries, Morocco is surrounded by the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert and the Atlantic Ocean. One of its most popular cities is Marrakesh, where you can discover plenty of Moroccan history and culture.

    Relax in Jardin Majorelle

    Tour the Medina of Marrakesh

    Explore Jemaa el-Fnaa

    A warm 23°C with mostly sunny days

  • Ghana
  • Feel the welcoming beat of warmth of Ghana’s people and culture. The dry season is perfect for safari adventures, discovering the beauty and charm of villages and markets, and spending hours admiring its caramel beaches.

    Go surfing along Kokrobite and Busua beaches

    Witness the slave forts at Cape Coast Castle

    Visit Wli Waterfalls and Kakum National Park

    Enjoy a toasty 28°C throughout the day

  • Ethiopia
  • This eclectic country bristles with sunshine, festivals and spectacular wildlife during this time of year. Scout the markets, cathedrals and nightlife in Addis Ababa. The historic ruins and carvings in Gondar, Lalibela and Axum are fascinating.

    Meet the local tribes in Omo Valley

    Sit down to a special coffee ceremony

    Hike through the scenic Simien Mountains

    Day temperatures reach a high of 25°C

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in March

  • Nigeria
  • Visit one of Nigeria’s most vibrant destinations, Lagos, and enjoy the city’s incredible nightlife and admire the exceptional artworks and chic scenery. In Port Harcourt, explore numerous cultural attractions and enjoy magnificent landscapes!

    Visit the Nike Art Centre

    Discover Lekki Conservation Centre

    Tour Abuja’s National Mosque

    A hot 30°C with partially-sunny days

  • Egypt
  • Make your way to this North African country to discover its incredible history. Admire the amazing pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza in Cairo. For a change of scenery, there’s Sharm El Sheikh, which sits on the coast of the Red Sea.

    Take cruises on the River Nile

    Tour the Pyramids of Giza

    Explore the markets in Aswan

    A warm 25°C with plenty of sun

  • Cameroon
  • Famed as the heart of Africa, Cameroon’s cities bristle with heart and soul. Framed with lush rainforests, mountains and beaches, you’ll never get bored exploring the interesting countryside and vibrant cities.

    Walk along the volcanic beaches in Limbe

    Hike through Korup National Park and Mt Cameroon

    Explore the wildlife and old castles in Douala

    Expect a few showers with 25°C days

Events in March

Egypt – Sharm El Sheikh International Half Marathon

In the historic nation of Egypt, don’t miss out on this incredible test of endurance in the city of Sharm El Sheikh. The Sharm El Sheikh International Half Marathon (an annual event in late March) takes participants through the magnificent scenes around this port city. These include the beautiful dunes, distant mountains, and the breath-taking Red Sea. There is additionally the opportunity to catch sights of the local wildlife, including herons, sea swallows, storks, desert foxes and red foxes!

A hot 30°C and plenty of sun


Sharm El Sheikh

Port Elizabeth, South Africa – Addo Elephant Trail Run

In the first week of March, head to the Addo Elephant Park (an hour’s drive from Port Elizabeth), for the annual Addo Elephant Trail Run. This event includes 40-km, 80-km and 160-km races through the beautiful park, which offers participants breath-taking views of magnificent mountains and valleys. Be warned though, if you’d like to participate, make sure you prepare yourself physically and mentally because this challenge is not for the faint-hearted.

A warm 25°C and partially-sunny

First week of March

Addo Elephant Park

Cape Town, South Africa – Cape Town Jazz Festival

Head to South Africa’s ‘Mother City’ to enjoy the vibrant Cape Town Jazz Festival, the fourth largest jazz festival in the world! Taking place on the last weekend of March or the first weekend of April, Cape Town has hosted the event since 2000. The Cape Town Jazz Festival draws tens of thousands of jazz enthusiasts. Famous persons who have performed in the festival include Miriam Makeba, Freshlyground and Mos Def. The weather conditions during late-March and early-April are sunny or partially-sunny days.

A warm 25°C and sunny days

Last weekend in March or first weekend in April

Cape Town

Asia & Oceania

Popular High Season Destinations in March

  • India
  • Visiting India during March is ideal since it allows you to enjoy its vibrant culture, with events such as the popular Holi festival. This exceptional country includes eclectic cities like bustling Mumbai and tranquil Dehradun.

    Visit the Gateway of India

    Take a cruise down the Ganges River

    Tour the Taj Mahal

    A hot 30°C with plenty of sun

  • Thailand
  • Explore this Southeast Asian country’s alluring hotspots. Enjoy a diverse shopping experience in the capital, Bangkok, watch the night come alive in Chiang Rai, or go on island-hopping adventures from Phuket !

    Explore Phi Phi Island

    Discover Chiang Mai Rainforest

    Have fun in Bangla Road

    A hot 33°C with humid conditions

  • Philippines
  • The Philippines is a photographer’s dream with its silken rice fields, turquoise sea, and limestone cliffs. Island-hopping, scuba diving, and hiking through craters and waterfalls in Bulusan Volcano National Park are just a few highlights.

    Go snorkelling and scuba diving in El Nido

    Enjoy the vibrant nightlife on Borocay and Cebu

    See Spanish colonial ruins in Manila and Vigan

    Pack light for hot 28°C days

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in March

  • Australia
  • The rugged wilderness and scenic landscapes of Tasmania will have you falling in love. You’ll get to explore all that the island has to offer without the usual rush of tourists, but with the breezes that come with the late-summer temperatures (mid-20s).

    Visit Sydney Harbour

    Explore the Australian War Memorial

    Discover the Kangaroo Sanctuary

    A warm 20°C with mostly sunny conditions

  • New Zealand
  • Hike through surreal landscapes, rejuvenate in hot springs, visit rural tea plantations and skydive over thrilling scenery – just some of the reasons to visit New Zealand. Its eccentric cities offer creativity and new experiences at every turn.

    Step into the magical world of The Hobbit

    Visit the Waitomo Caves outside Christchurch

    Bungee jump off Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown

    Temperatures average a cool 16°C

  • China
  • Visiting China during its spring season is the perfect way to avoid the crowds and inflated prices. Immerse yourself in Chinese culture by visiting its temples, museums, palaces and rice paddies, contrasted to the modern cities’ skyscrapers.

    Hike along the Great Wall

    Taste local specialities from different regions

    Visit the Forbidden city in Beijing

    Day temperatures average 5°C, so pack warmly

Events in March

Thailand – Tattoo Festival

Immerse yourself in the incredible culture of Thailand by taking part in the Tattoo Festival at Wat Bang Phra, near Bangkok. During the festival, believers and visitors interested in the spiritual side of the art can head to the temple to receive ‘sak yaht’ tattoos by one of the monks. After the monks finish their art, they bless (or ‘magically charge’) the tattoos, which is said to protect the bearers against dangers. Some return the next year to get their tattoos ‘recharged’! Make sure to reserve your accommodation at least three months ahead of time.

A hot 35°C and sunny conditions

First weekend of March

Wat Bang Phra

India – Holi Festival of Colours

Make your way to India in early March for the famous Holi Festival of Colours. This event’s name comes from the Hindu deity, Lord Krishna (a reincarnation of the god of preservation, Lord Vishnu), who is said to have liked playing pranks on village girls by drenching them in water and colours. Today, the festival involves people spending the day smearing coloured powder all over each other’s faces, throwing coloured water at each other and having parties.

A hot 30°C and sunny days



Australia – Adelaide Festival of Arts

Head to the land of ‘down under’ for one of the world’s biggest celebrations of the arts, the Adelaide Festival of Arts. Since 1960, this event has been held annually during the first two weeks of March. The festival takes place in the city centre of Adelaide and is made up of several events, the main features being dance, cabaret, literature, opera, theatre, classical and contemporary music, visual art and new media.

A warm 25°C and mostly sunny conditions

First two weeks of March


North & Central America

Popular High Season Destinations in March

  • Mexico
  • Immerse yourself in the culture of Latin America with a flight to Mexico. Enjoy many sun-splashed beaches, such as those in the cities of Cancún and Cozumel. In Mexico City, a lively culture with a vibrant arts and entertainment scene awaits.

    Have fun at Xplor Park

    Enjoy scenic walks at El Malecon Boardwalk

    Tour the National Museum of Anthropology

    An average of 28°C with mostly sunny days

  • Cuba
  • Explore the colourful streets of the cities of Cuba, since rainfall is low during March! You could spend time mingling with the locals in the capital of Havana, or soak up the sun at the stunning beaches of Camagüey.

    Relax at Varadero Beach

    Explore Old Havana

    Experience a show at Gran Teatro de La Habana

    A warm 29°C with largely sunny conditions

  • Jamaica
  • This destination is where you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. When you’re not shopping, hiking or dancing to slow reggae, grab a sunset cocktail along Cornwall Beach, Silver Sands, Mammee Bay Beach or Boston Bay Beach.

    Treat yourself to great food and rum cocktails

    Explore the beautiful scenery of Reach Falls

    Discover the legend himself at the Bob Marley Museum

    At a simmering 27°C, you’ll be swimming all day

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in March

  • Bahamas
  • Though situated in the Northern Hemisphere, the Bahamas is a tropical holiday destination with great temperatures all year long and a short, 3-month rainy season. Look forward to wonderful sunny days lounging on the beach, sipping fruity cocktails!

    Island hop from Nassau to over 30 different islands

    Feast on ocean-fresh Caribbean cuisine

    Go snorkelling, diving and waterskiing all day!

    Average day temperatures linger at a warm 26°C

  • Dominican Republic
  • This island destination is a haven for beach lovers and those looking to experience the thrill of Carnival and nights filled with perfumed cigars and rum-infused cocktails. Home to exotic beaches and colonial towns, the Dominican Republic is a gem.

    Capture the colonial architecture in Santo Domingo

    Visit Playa Dorada and Bahía de Las Águilas beaches

    Shop ‘til you drop in la Romana

    Enjoy 25°C days with very little rain

Events in March

Houston, Texas, USA – Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Experience the famous culture of Texas in Houston with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, a 20-day event that runs from late-February to mid-March. Founded in 1932, it’s the largest livestock exhibition and rodeo in the world. Various events take place during the show, including award shows for the best wine and food, trail rides, parades, barbecue contests and concerts. The show has drawn numerous well-known American musicians, including Janet Jackson, Ariana Grande, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi, and Taylor Swift, among others.

A warm 20°C and sunny days

Late February to mid-March


San Jose, Costa Rica - National Orchid Show

A widely anticipated annual event, the National Orchid Show takes place in San Jose. The country boasts a wealth of over 1,300 known orchid species, of which 300 are displayed by orchid gatherers and cultivators at this show. Walk around the exhibition and see the explosion of colours and fragrances of the magnificent flowers. You don’t have to be nature lover to appreciate the beauty of these gardens. The event is held over two days, so get your cameras ready for some stunning snaps!

A toasty 22°C with lots of sunshine

Early March

San Jose

Miami, Florida - Calle Ocho Festival

A one-day fun-filled fiesta - you don’t want to miss this largest street festival in Miami! Taking place along Little Havana, there are 12 stages, dance, fashion, street performances and international food stalls honouring Hispanic culture and tradition. Feel the feisty beat of Miami’s Latin community partying their feet off and dancing through colourful crowds. Send your taste buds on a cultural whirl with local chefs whipping up delicious plates – including the famous Cuban Sandwich! A day at Calle Ocho will place you in the heart of Miami’s multicultural community.

A warm 23°C will keep you feeling good



South America

Popular High Season Destinations in March

  • Brazil
  • This bustling tourist destination is best known for its many sights and sounds. Rio de Janeiro, sits between rain-forested hills and beautiful beaches. In Brazil’s largest city, Sao Paulo, admire colourful street art and amazing graffiti.

    Tour Sugarloaf Mountain

    Explore Iguacu National Park

    Have fun at Beto Carrero World

    A hot 30°C with mostly sunny conditions

  • Venezuela
  • Venezuela offers natural beauty as you could only imagine, rich cultural traditions, exquisite food and a climate that feels like spring time all year long. It is also the home of the tallest waterfall in the world and its capital city, Caracas, offers modernity with an old colonial twist.

    Visit the awe-inspiring Angel Falls in Canaima
    National Park

    Enjoy the most pristine beaches at Choroni and

    Take in the old and new in Caracas

    Cool temperatures of between 16 and 26°C

  • Uruguay
  • Uruguay comes alive with carnivals and festivals galore during March. Treat yourself to Salto’s hot springs, and wander the cobbled city streets of Colonia filled with heritage and art. Lose yourself to wild nights of tango and rustic beaches.

    Wander around Colonia del Sacramento

    Scour the markets in Montevideo and hike in Minas

    Go wine tasting in beautiful Carmelo

    A warm 20°C with plenty of sunshine

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in March

  • Peru
  • By March, in Peru’s capital, Lima, crowds thin out and accommodation prices drop. Lima is home to beautiful colonial architecture, which contrasts with its magnificent skyscrapers, as well as the incredible backdrop of the Peruvian Mountains.

    Visit Museo Larco

    Explore Circuito Magico del Agua

    Enjoy a show at Gran Teatro Nacional

    A warm 27°C with no rain

  • Argentina
  • One of the homes of the tango dance, Argentina is a lively holiday destination. Enjoy the high standard of local entertainment in the capital, Buenos Aires, taste top quality wine in Mendoza, or explore the beautiful outdoors of Bariloche.

    Discover Iguazu Falls

    Explore Teatro Colon

    Tour Perito Moreno Glacier

    A warm 26°C with plenty of sun

  • Chile
  • This amazing mountainous nation offers you an assortment of attractions. The capital, Santiago, offers wonderful culinary experiences. In Valparaíso, explore and admire the wealth of street art. In Viña del Mar, discover a vibrant party scene.

    Tour Valparaiso Port

    Discover Torres del Paine National Park

    View Santiago at Sky Costanera

    An average of 20°C with clear conditions

Events in March

Argentina, Brazil, Chile - Lollapalooza

If you plan on taking a tour through South America, why not do it around mid to late-March? That’s when the vibrant music festival of Lollapalooza takes place in Buenos Aires (Argentina), São Paulo (Brazil) and Santiago (Chile). This major event has its roots in the United States and has brought together an incredible range of international acts, such as Eminem, The Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, Imagine Dragons, Kings of Leon, Calvin Harris, Lady Gaga and more. Take note that every year the dates of the festival shift and may take place in early April.

Average of 25°C and sunny conditions

Between late March and early April

Buenos Aires/ São Paulo/ Santiago

Colombia - Estéreo Picnic Festival

Head to Bogotá, Colombia, in March, to join in the electric Estéreo Picnic Festival. This multi-day event lets you enjoy an amazing line-up, which includes major international bands and artists alongside performers from Colombia and other Latin American countries. The entertainment offered at the festival is perfect for fans of various music genres. Major acts that have performed at the event include Snoop Dogg, Kasabian, Jack White, Florence and the Machine, Major Lazer and more. Take note that festival dates are not fixed and may shift to April.

A warm 20°C and partially-cloudy days

Late March to early April


Mendoza, Argentina's – Grape Harvest Festival

Dating back to 1936, the build up to the grand ceremony takes place on Mendoza during the first few days of March. Welcoming a culmination of people from around the country, this spectacle of dance, music, lights and fireworks draws crowds of over 20,000. The great finale (Central Act) takes place at the Frank Romero Day Greek Theatre on the first Saturday in March, where a National Grape Harvest Queen is crowned. Enjoy the dazzling performances, Creole craftsmanship and mouth-watering traditional cuisine on offer.

Sunny days of 23°C

Early March


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