Book flights With A Bank Deposit

Not only does Travelstart offer cheap flights, but we also offer convenient ways to purchase flights. Not having a credit card is no reason not to book flights online with Travelstart. Purchase your tickets safely on Travelstart either via SID, an EFT payment (by making Travelstart an approved beneficiary at South Africa’s four main banks), or book a flight with a bank deposit.

How to book flights with a bank deposit

1. Enter your departure and arrival destinations and dates, and click Search.

2. Choose the flight option most suited to your schedule and budget.

3. Insert the correct passenger details according to your passport / ID book.

4. Opt to purchase products like rebookable flights, baggage or travel insurance.

5. To confirm your flight booking choose the “Bank Transfer (EFT)” or “SID” payment option.

6. For EFT, choose your preferred bank and Reserve Funds – then pay before 23:59.

7. For SID, make a transfer immediately using your online banking details.

8. To pay via cash deposit, send proof of payment immediately to secure the price.

9. Once payment or POP is received, you will receive booking confirmation via email.

If payment is not received by midnight, the price of your seats may change and your quoted fares will no longer be valid.

When making a cash deposit, send through proof of payment immediately (same day) to secure the ticket price. Cash deposits that are made after 3pm, will only reflect the following day.

What are the advantages of paying via bank deposit?

Which banks are available and what are the details?


Branch code: 123209

Account number: 1232117978

Account holder: Travelstart Online Travel Operations


Branch code: 632005

Account number: 4069885562

Account holder: Travelstart Online Travel Operations

Standard Bank

Branch code: 020909

Account number: 070638241

Account holder: Travelstart Online Travel Operations

First National Bank

Branch code: 202509

Account number: 62182487895

Account holder: Travelstart

For which flights are these payment methods available?

The SID and EFT payment methods are available for all flight bookings. However, when booking your plane tickets, whether domestic or international, you cannot book a flight with less than 48 hours to departure if you still hope to make use of the SID or EFT option. Unfortunately, last-minute flights will not be an option if you would like to book a flight with a cash deposit - you will need to book with a credit card instead.

Paying by cheque and credit card is safe

The Travelstart website is 100% Thawte Secured. What this means is that before the web browser enters a website it must do a security check on the site. A request is sent to the website for a safety certificate. The website sends the certificate to the browser so that the browser can review the certificate and confirm that the website is safe to enter the site to continue browsing. This entire process happens in a split second allowing for ease of interaction for you, the end user.

Happy booking!

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