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There are many reasons to choose to book flights without stops. Most importantly you avoid missed or delayed connections, lost luggage, added bureaucracy and lost time spent waiting in airports. For the traveller with limited downtime, the zero-stop flight is the way forward, touching down at their destination fresh and ready for their trip. The only downside is that these direct flights can sometimes be more expensive than their indirect counterparts.

Distance wise, South Africa is quite far from a number of popular international destinations However there are a surprising number of exciting non-stop flight destinations for the traveller with limited holiday time. This is travel at its most efficient and enjoyable. Getting to your final destination isn’t always direct. Depending on the nature of your travel, you now have an option to:

  • Book flight tickets with multiple airlines
  • Book flights without stopovers
  • If you’re more flexible with your dates, you can opt for a stopover at a connecting city.

Whether you’re booking an international flight to Dubai or a domestic flight to the golden sands of Durban, you may have come across various travel terms that have been used when booking flights online. Let’s familiarise ourselves with the travel jargon before we delve into booking cheap flights without stops:

Direct Flight: A flight where the passengers do not need to change planes, but the plane would make at least one intermediate stop along the way to the final destination.

Connecting Flight: A flight where the passenger would need to change flights in order to reach their final destination.

Connecting Flight: A flight where the passenger would need to change flights in order to reach their final destination.

Non-Stop Flight: A flight that goes directly to the final destination without any stops along the way.

Stop Over: A layover lasting more than 24 hours, which allows you to stay in a connecting airport city.

Layover: A period of resting or waiting between connecting flights.

How to book flights without stops on Travelstart

1. Enter your departure city, arrival destination, and travel dates and search.

2. Filter your search by ticking the non-stop option in the filter panel on the right.

3. Select the flight option most suited to your schedule and budget.

4. Insert the correct passenger details according to passport / ID book.

5. Opt to purchase rebookable flights, baggage or travel insurance.

6. Select your preferred payment method.

7. Once payment is received, you will receive booking confirmation via email.

Advantages of booking a flight without stops

Shorter flights

With connecting flights and indirect flights, the total journey time can be long. Getting through security, claiming your bag and travelling to the airport. If you are looking to reach your final destination with the shortest flight time, then booking a flight without stops is the answer. Non-stop flights fly directly to the desired destinations eliminating any intermediate stops or unnecessary waiting for your connecting flight between the cities.

Less stress

Booking flights with multiple airlines is a cost-efficient solution, that allows you to shorten your journey. With multiple connections, all you have to do is give yourself enough time, in case of delays and for baggage reclaim so that you don’t miss your second connecting flight. When booking a flight without stops you can be rest assured that the next stop is your final destination, giving you more time to enjoy the flight and inflight entertainment.

Keeps you flexible

If for instance, you have to make an urgent business trip to New York and you can’t afford to experience stopovers or long layovers, then booking a flight without stops would be the best option. If you are also unsure of how many days you would need for your trip, you could book a flight with flexible dates which allows you at least one FREE date change.

Find direct flights to cities across the world with Travelstart:


Durban offers non-stop flights to Istanbul, Addis Ababa, Mauritius, Lusaka, Maputo, Dubai and Gaborone among others.

Cape Town

Cape Town International Airport has just added Lufthansa’s direct flights to Frankfurt to its list of exciting non-stop destinations. Non-stop flights from the tip of Africa, Cape Town include Amsterdam, Doha, Dubai, Addis Ababa, Gaborone, Istanbul, Livingstone, London, Luanda, Maun, Mauritius, Munich, Paris, Zurich and Windhoek.


O.R. Tambo International Airport offers non-stop international and local flights to 85 cities.

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