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Travelling in the month of August is great way to beat that mid-year slump and to take advantage of the shoulder season travel deals that this month often presents. Whether you’re keen to enjoy the end of summer in the north, or the beginning of the warmer days in the south, you’re bound to enjoy travel in August!

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Popular High Season Destinations in August

  • Ireland
  • Ireland is alive with activities during the summer months, the streets are full of cheer, the sun is out and there are festivals on every corner. Take a road trip along the country’s coast to enjoy its full splendour or head down to the beach for a quick dip on the Surf Coast.

    Enjoy the summer music festivals in Dublin

    Visit the surrounding islands such as Boa and Rathlin

    Go horse racing along the water’s edge in County

    Cooler temperatures peak at around 19°C

  • Turkey
  • This popular destination has it all and visitors from across the globe flock to Turkey at the end of summer to enjoy all that it has to offer. Many of the country’s top attractions are free to visit, while the golden beaches are known to entice at large. Turkey is also well-loved for its tasty treats and cuisine.

    Relive the history at Topkapi Palace in Istanbul

    Practice your bargaining skills at Grand Bazaar

    Wander the canyons of Rose Valley in Cappadocia

    Enjoy summer temperatures of around 30°C

  • Italy
  • Italy has been on the bucket list of travellers for years and years, and with its unique allure of waterways and dreamy cuisine, you should visit it too. August is the warmest month of the year in this glorious country and from inner city architecture to coastal hideaways, Italy is the place to be.

    Take in the Sistine Chapel and Colosseum in Rome

    Try the renowned oven-baked pizza of Naples

    Enjoy the rich culture of Milan

    Days of up to 32°C!

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in August

    The beautiful country is all marvelous landscapes and picture-perfect towns and villages, it’s like stepping into a 12th century European story book! There is plenty to enjoy during August - explore the mountains, visit ancient ruins and enjoy the greenery from all directions.

    Soak up the atmosphere of Old Town in Tbilisi

    Trek up the Caucasian Mountains

    Unwind along the beaches of Batumi

    Enjoy summer temperatures of around 31°C!

Events in August

France – Rock en Seine

Get set to stomp your feet at this well-loved rock festival in Paris! The annual event has seen patrons coming in from across the globe to attend and see the impressive line-up since 2003. There’s even a mini rock concert for children aged 6 – 10!

16-18°C daytime temperatures

Third week of August


Spain – La Tomatina

Prepare for a day of fun and lots and lots of ripe tomato pulp on your clothes, under your nails and everywhere in between! This famous event is a top attraction in Spain and is the world’s biggest food fight since 1945. The day promises loads of laughs and tomato stains to last you a lifetime.

17-30°C daytime temperatures

Last Saturday of the month


England – Bristol International Balloon Festival

Enjoy the splendour of more than 130 creatively-shaped hot air balloons ascending the English sky in August. Teams from across the world come to participate and show off their beautiful creations. For something extra special, see the inflated balloons at night accompanied by lights and music.

14-23°C daytime temperatures

Second weekend of August



Popular High Season Destinations in August

  • Botswana
  • August is the end of the dry season in Botswana and the ideal time to visit with slightly cooler temperatures and natural beauty at its peak. Feel the beating heart of Africa as you make your way through the national parks and take a hot air balloon ride over the savannah.

    Explore Gaborone’s art scene

    Enjoy an elephant safari in Kasane

    Take a lake cruise in Maun

    Soak up the sun with 26°C daytime highs

  • Namibia
  • Experience the golden landscapes as the plains of the Namib Desert unfold. Explore beautiful cities, rich in architecture and hidden gems. Namibia in August offers warm temperatures that are also ideal to visit the country’s famous national parks and hike its glorious mountains.

    See the desert meet the sea in Swakopmund

    Encounter wild beasts in Ondagwa

    Shop the quirky boutiques of Windhoek

    Enjoy sunny days with 25°C weather

  • Uganda
  • August marks the dry season in Uganda, the ideal time to go trekking through the dense, mystical rainforests of Uganda! The country is your ultimate African destination, with gorillas lurking in national parks and one of Africa’s greatest lakes in its midst.

    Try the local cuisine at eateries around Entebbe

    Encounter gorillas at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

    Swim under the waterfalls of Murchison Falls

    Pack in your sun hat for 25°C

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in August

  • Ethiopia
  • Lush green valleys and endless landscapes of beauty is what you can expect on a trip to Ethiopia. The country is the home of some of the world’s most beloved coffee, a medieval town that houses 13th century churches and cities that are to be explored.

    Set your heart on shopping in Addis Ababa

    Marvel at the ancient ruins across the country

    Soak up the coffee aromas in Kaffa

    Sunny days with 20°C temperatures

  • Morocco
  • One of Africa’s most-loved travel destinations, Morocco has the beauty of its landscape, culture and cuisine in its favour. The country has wonderful weather all year, with August falling at the end of summer. The Mediterranean Sea also plays its part in the appeal of this wonderful country.

    Indulge in the famous Moroccan cuisine!

    Visit the beaches of Casablanca & Essaouira

    Peruse the ancient markets of Marrakech and Fes

    Enjoy hot days of up to 27°C

  • Egypt
  • Famous for its ancient pyramids and sphinx, Egypt has lots of offer the exotic traveller – including pristine beaches, desert safaris, its exquisite cuisine and so much more. After the sun sets, see the cities come alive with cool air breezes and cafes that cater to that midnight crowd.

    Visit the great pyramids and sphinx in Cairo

    Soak up the Mediterranean breeze in Sharm-el-sheikh

    Marvel ancient Egyptian architecture in Abu Simbel

    Keep hydrated with daytime highs around at 34°C

Events in June

Ivory Coast – Waka Waka Festival

Combine music, fashion and dance and you have a festival of grandeur that takes place every year, in Abidjan. This festival’s main aim is to bring people from various cultural backgrounds together, to celebrate and have a great time. Make sure to dress comfortably as you’re bound to be partying the night away!

22-27 °C daytime temperatures

Dates TBA


Limpopo, South Africa – Oppikoppi Festival

This music festival takes you out of town to enjoy the fresh air of Limpopo, alongside a good dose of some of the best music in the country. The festival started out as stage for rock music, but has since grown to include many different genres of music under one open-air roof.

6-22°C daytime temperatures

First weekend of August


Ghana – Chale Wote Festival

Immerse yourself in an authentic African festival with performances from across the continent and beyond. Held in the capital of Ghana, this annual event comes alive with plenty of music, street art displays, dance and performances across the streets of Accra.

22-27°C daytime temperatures

Second week of August


Asia & Oceania

Popular High Season Destinations in August

  • China
  • China is an immense country with endless opportunities for adventure and unforgettable experiences. From the glittering cities of Hong Kong and Shanghai to the lantern-lined streets of Beijing and Guangzhou, China is the trip of a lifetime.

    Walk along the legendary Great Wall of China

    Visit the ethereal Forbidden City

    Be awed by Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

    Get ready for some sun at 30°C

  • Vietnam
  • Vietnam is one for the books, with a rich cultural pull alongside a luxury appeal that appeals to many. The landscapes are varied, from the stunning beaches to the top-notch cities with amazing eateries. You could spend three months in the country and not run out of things to do.

    Explore the beaches of Ha Long Bay

    Indulge your taste buds with the cuisine!

    Wander the winding streets of Hanoi

    Daily temperatures average 32°C

  • Japan
  • Indulge your senses in one of the most tech-savvy destinations in the world, which is also the home of ancient empires that once ruled by sword! Japan is the country to try it all, from cartoon-based themed parks and gorgeous green parks to the best sushi and majestic mountains!

    Marvel at the bamboo forest in Kyoto

    Visit a traditional tea house in Tokyo

    Take in the bright lights accross the city centres!

    Plenty of sun with averages around 29°C

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in August

  • Israel
  • Israel is the playground of the Mediterranean, with first class cities, gorgeous beaches and a lively atmosphere that beats no other. It is also home to religious pilgrimages, giving the country a nice blend of deep-rooted culture and modern living. Visit the waterfalls of En Gedi Nature Reserve.

    Dip your toes into the Dead Sea

    Enjoy the amazing cuisine

    Walk the holy streets of Jerusalem

    A hot 31°C with sunny skies

  • Singapore
  • A small country with lots to offer, Singapore is a tropical paradise with a futuristic skyline. The country is very easy to navigate, and you could easily see all of its wonderful attractions within a few days. There are beaches to laze on and the world’s most advanced greenhouse to explore.

    Enjoy the tropics in the city centre with Garden by the Bay

    Unleash your inner kid at Universal Studios!

    Take a ferry out to Sentosa Island

    Daily temperatures average 31°C

  • Cambodia
  • Cambodia appeals to the adventurous traveller with its endless landscapes of lush hills and extensive national parks that are home to exotic beasts. The Southeast Asian country is gaining popularity as time passes, offering an authentic look into the less touristy side of the world.

    Visit the night markets in Siem Reap

    Try some snorkelling off Koh Rong island

    Discover the ancient Angkor Temples

    Enjoy summer temperatures of around 391°C

Events in August

Sri Lanka - Nallur Kovil Thiruvila

The Nallur Festival runs for 27 days and is a much-loved event for the Hindu religion across the globe. Patrons from all over make their way by train and bus from Colombo, to the city of Jaffna to celebrate and call upon the deities of the Nallur Temple. Join in the crowds, beautifully dressed in their best, as they watch and participate in drumming, dance and other festivities.

Daytime averages of around 25°C-30°C

5 August - 1 September


Japan – Obon Festival

Also simply known as the ‘Bon Festival’, this beautiful event commemorates the ancestors and lost loved ones, with the belief that their spirits visit over this auspicious period of time. Paper lanterns are hung across the homes and public places across Japan, and traditional foods are made and enjoyed with family and friends. Look forward to traditional Obon dances, performed across temples and parks.

Daytime averages of around 19-28°C

13 - 15 August

Across the country

India – Independence Day

Celebrating its freedom with bright floats, dancing in the streets and drums ablaze, India comes alive in August to celebrate its independence from England in 1947. We suggest heading down to the major city centres, such as Delhi and Mumbai, and join the crowds as parades take place from noon into the evening with a fun, party atmosphere.

Hot days at around 30°C

14 August

Delhi and Mumbai

North & Central America

Popular High Season Destinations in August

  • USA
  • The USA heads toward the end of summer in August, and this means plenty of beach and surfing opportunities along the coastal regions, and warm, breezy days sightseeing attractions. Consider visiting the states of Florida and North Carolina, or venture off to Hawaii to take full advantage!

    Enjoy the crazy water parks (274m slide!) in Texas

    Get your beach towel out for Miami

    Take a yacht out in the town of Atlantic Beach

    Enjoy warm days at around at 27°C

  • Cuba
  • Cuba is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Many of the bays are located in natural reserves, allowing for the locations to always stay in as pristine condition as always. The country is alight with street music in Havana and exquisite historical charm in Santiago de Cuba.

    Enjoy a Havana city tour in a vintage car

    Lounge the beaches of Varadero

    Try a Cuban cigar!

    Hot days that average 32°C

  • Grenada
  • Grenada is one for the senses, with coco, nutmeg and other spices to entice travellers to this Caribbean island. Spend your days between the beaches of this beautiful island and the natural attractions that can be enjoyed, such as the national park and forest, filled with the sounds of tropical birds!

    Explore the city of St. George’s pretty scenes!

    Visit the rainforests and gushing waterfalls

    Dive the island’s famous shipwreck

    Pack your sunscreen for a high 30°C

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in August

  • Mexico
  • Mexico is the land of deliciously spicy cuisine, topaz beaches, endless deserts and so much more. The country’s allure lies in its authenticity and ancient ruins. August marks the beginning of autumn, perfect for early morning hikes and afternoon dives in the colourful reefs.

    Enjoy the nightlife of Cancun

    Visit the beaches of the Gulf

    Enjoy the decadent cuisine on every corner!

    Cooler temperatures peak at around 23°C

  • Costa Rica
  • Adventure awaits in Costa Rica, with its tropical charm and majestic landscapes. August falls in the rainy season of the country, so whereas you may skip lounging on the sparkling beaches, there’s still plenty to do. There are wild rainforests to forage through and daytrips up steep mountains.

    Go white water rafting on San Juan river

    Join a wildlife cycling tour in Tamarindo

    Relax in a hot spring in the jungle!

    Daily temperatures average 28°C

  • Dominican Republic
  • Though you can expect daily rainfall during August, the Dominican Republic is a great destination to visit at any time of the year. Life is slow here so during your trip, plan in relaxing days sightseeing the historical attractions around the major cities, and visits to the national parks to enjoy the stunning waterfalls and deep rivers of the land!

    Explore the coasts of Puerto Plata

    Join a tour group and go snorkelling

    Try the exotic fruit of the country

    Enjoy summer temperatures of around 31°C

Events in August

USA – Annual Blueberry Arts Festival

Food and drink enthusiasts adore this festival, held in the small town of Ketchikan in Alaska. For a summery weekend in August, thousands from across the USA flock to the town to enjoy good food and displays of art. Of course, blueberries are the star here and you can enjoy all sorts of tarts, crepes and artisanal drinks made from the fruit!

Daytime averages of around 12-17°C

First weekend of August


Canada - Heavy Montreal

Heavy Montreal is the premiere heavy metal show of the year, every year. The lineup just keeps getting better and better and those in the know book tickets early to see their favourite bands live in all their glory for the weekend festival. Bands such as Slayer, Evanescence and Godsmack are said to headline the list of the event.

Daytime averages of around 17-24°C

Dates TBA


Puerto Rico - Chocolate Festival

Enjoy a weekend tasting and playing around with one of the world’s favourite indulgences - chocolate! The festival takes place over two days at Palacio de Recreacion y deportes de Mayaguez, where chocolate enthusiasts can visit hundreds of food and drink kiosks dedicated to this sweet treat. The event includes workshops and live classes by well-known chefs.

Daytime averages of around 22-30°C

11 - 12 August


South America

Popular High Season Destinations in August

  • Bolivia
  • Bolivia’s landscapes are large and proud, and you could spend a few days hiking the Andes and spotting beasts such as llama, and then a few more days making your way down Lake Titicaca - a world UNESCO site. Its cities, such as Santa Cruz, are a melting pot of unique and interest-piquing attractions!

    Meet locals from 36 various ethnicities

    Explore the Tarija wine region

    Do a tour of Salar de Uyuni

    Cooler temperatures peak at around 23°C

  • Ecuador
  • A wonderful destination for all, Ecuador is as magical as you’d imagine with a rich culture and heritage! The country has dense forests, a coastline of intricate bays and coves to discover, wondrous natural attractions and more sunny days than many other holiday destinations.

    Get lost (with a guide!) in the Amazon Forest

    Visit the Galapagos Islands

    Admire Quito’s Grand Plaza

    Enjoy cool days with averages of around 21°C

  • Guyana
  • Guyana is an adventurer’s delight, with undiscovered paths and kilometres of scenic nature in all directions. There are waterfalls to swim under, wild creatures to encounter and rivers to tame. The country may be relatively unknown, but what it lacks in fame, it makes up in mind-blowing experiences!

    Go abseiling down Kaieteur Falls

    Visit local villages

    Spot jaguars in the forest!

    Daily temperatures average 30°C

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in August

  • Argentina
  • Argentina has some of South America’s most beautiful natural attractions, that include rainforests, waterfalls, breathtaking glaciers, and so much more! Spend your days moving between the soulful city streets where you can join in a tango class, as well as the winelands, beaches and mountain tops.

    Visit the Glaciers National Park

    Go river rafting at Iguazu Falls

    Shop curios in quirky Palermo Soho

    Daily temperatures average 17°C

  • Brazil
  • Brazil is the most well-known country in South America, with its world-famous beaches, natural attractions and beautiful cities. The country is also a great entry point to the Amazon Forest, where you will encounter large and small beasts, hidden rivers, coves and other delights.

    Visit the famous Copacabana Beach

    Enjoy Brazilian cuisine - feijoada, anyone?

    Walk the streets of Rio de Janeiro

    Sunny weather welcomes you at 25°C

  • Chile
  • August is the end of winter in Chile, perfect for venturing out into the country’s icy regions and enjoying a bit of snowboarding or skiing in the Andes Mountains. In the cities of Santiago and Valparaiso, enjoy mixing with the locals and enjoying the local cuisine that the country is known for.

    Take a mystical trip to Atacama Desert

    Visit ‘the end of the world’ in Cape Horn

    Tick Easter Island off your bucket list

    Cooler temperatures peak at around 16°C

Events in August

Colombia - Festival of the Flowers

Take a deep breath and take in all of the wonderful aromas of Festival of the Flowers in Colombia! Each year, vendors from around the country and across South America descend on the city of Medellin with bouquets and arrangements of the most beautiful flowers and flora that you have ever seen! For one week, enjoy all that is wonderful at this spectacular fair.

Daytime averages of around 8-19°C

3 - 12 August


Argentina - World Tango Championship

Unleash your inner dance passions at this marvelous event, held annually in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. Dancers, singers, poets and many others from the art scene of the country come together to celebrate the alluring dance of tango. The two-week festival offers free tango classes and many of the events are free to attend, across the city. Not just tango, but music from across the Latin genre is enjoyed and appreciated.

Daytime averages of around 9-17°C

Dates TBA

Buenos Aires

Bolivia - Independence Day

To commemorate its independence from Spain in 1825, the cities and towns of Bolivia come alive in colour and splendour to celebrate! If you’re in the country on this day, you’re in for a treat as there are parades, free concerts, festive food and so much more to enjoy and participate in. As the sun sets, enjoy the fireworks from the city squares.

Daytime averages of around 6-23°C

6 August

Across the country

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