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Travel in May is all about seeing and doing things that your average tourist may not do. There are exotic rainforests to visit, cultural festivals to attend and off-the-beaten-path beaches to explore and enjoy. This is the time of year before the peak season, with some great spring or autumn days to enjoy across the globe. Pack your bags and let Travelstart take you on an adventure!

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Popular High Season Destinations in May

  • Austria
  • May is the perfect time to visit Austria as it falls in the shoulder season. Austria is filled to the brim with artistry and culture, and of course, you cannot visit and not indulge in the heavenly foods found in the city of Vienna! Cakes and chocolates galore!

    Visit Salzburg’s Museum of Modern Art

    Tasty treats at bakeries on every corner

    Explore small villages with dainty alpine cottages

    Enjoy spring time highs of around 20°C

  • Greece
  • Greece is home to wonderful views across the Mediterranean and beautiful cobbled streets – ideal for touring in the pre-summer temperatures of May. Greece is where you’ll eat to your heart’s content and then some, and spend your days wandering through old ruins and imagining a life that once was.

    Visit the Acropolis in Athens

    Start a party on the island of Mykonos

    Enjoy the extensive coastline and beaches

    Relax in the sun with 25°C

  • Poland
  • After the icy cold winter, Poland comes alive with fresh air and perfect spring days in May! The capital city, Warsaw, is abuzz with activity at restaurants, historic attractions and has a busy artistic scene. The natural, lush forestry in the country is perfect for day trekking.

    Enjoy the art scene in Warsaw

    Explore the splendour of Victoria Falls

    See the charm of Old Town in Krakow

    Dress comfortably with temperatures around 19°C

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in May

  • Croatia
  • Croatia is an Eastern-European gem that is slowly getting the attention that it deserves! May is the perfect time to visit as the Croatian coast is surrounded by islands, and with the summer heat just picking up, you’ll have a wonderful time enjoying the beaches and beautiful secluded bays.

    Explore the rich history and culture of Zagreb

    Unwind along the coast with island treasures

    Enjoy some sailing across the Adriatic Sea

    Expect warm days in the mid-20°Cs

  • Belgium
  • This beautiful country is well known for its beer and Belgian waffles, and visitors to capital city Brussels are bound to enjoy all that is on offer in the warm month of May. The country has a wonderful countryside that is ideal for day trips and small towns that are filled with architectural beauty.

    Visit a few of Belgium’s 3,000 castles!

    Enjoy some kayaking in Ardennes

    A night of pub-hopping in Antwerp

    Enjoy daytime highs of around 18°C

  • Switzerland
  • There is more to Switzerland than just chocolate and Alps, though these things are always great. The country has some amazing Swiss cuisine that you have to try against the greenest backdrop! Spend your time taking in the sights during warm days in May.

    Visit a medieval castle on Lake Geneva

    Take a train ride along Zermatt

    Enjoy the beauty of the Swiss waterfalls

    Daytime temperatures average 18°C

Events in May

England – Annual Brighton Festival

Visit Brighton, England during the month of May for an all-inclusive festival that is sure to make your trip unforgettable! This annual festival takes place over three weeks and there are activities for all, including indoor and outdoor activities. Enjoy theatre productions, literature, dance, film showings and so much more. Of course, there are lots of food stalls to pick from and lots of bespoke arts and crafts to purchase.

9 - 17°C daytime temperatures

Three weeks in May


The Netherlands – Keukenhof

In May, the gardens of the Keukenhof Flower Farm come to life and visitors are invited to enjoy the most wonderful display of flowers, as far as the eye can see! The gardens flower over 800 types of tulip, but also include other bulb types of flowers such as daffodils and crocuses. Anyone who loves the sight of beautiful flora will enjoy this festival which runs from March until the third week of May every year. There are also artworks on display in the gardens. Hire a bicycle to make your way around the gardens.

Temperatures average between 11°C - 24°C

March to 3rd week of May


Italy – South Tyrol Gourmet Festival

Italy is known for its tantalising dishes and the city of Bolzano in the South Tyrol region in northern Italy is no different. The South Tyrol Gourmet Festival is a culinary delight and brings in visitors from all around the world to this event. Visitors can look forward to all kinds of delights from the region, including fresh farm produce, pastries, speck, different varieties of local honey and so much more. The festival is held on the last weekend of May.

15 - 24°C daytime temperatures

Every weekend in May



Popular High Season Destinations in May

  • Malawi
  • May is the beginning of the dry season in Malawi, a great time to visit if you’re keen on visiting some game parks and seeing majestic wildlife such as elephant and rhino. May is also the ideal time to head to Lake Malawi as the temperatures are warm but not overly hot. You can spend your days lounging along the coast, doing a cruise and taking in some of Africa’s most beautiful scenery.

    Take a cruise down Lake Malawi

    View wildlife at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

    Climb to the top of Mount Mulanje

    Enjoy cool days at around 23°C

  • Mozambique
  • Mozambique is the perfect escape for those looking for an exotic African adventure! The country offers some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Africa and fresh-off-the-boat seafood that will have you coming back for more! May is the end of the wet season and perfect for taking in the sights and dipping your toes into the warm ocean waters.

    Swim alongside marine life in Vilanculous

    Enjoy a sunset cocktail at Tofo Beach

    Visit historic sites in Maputo

    Pack your sunscreen with highs of around 27°C

  • Zimbabwe
  • Zimbabwe is a splendid holiday destination for the month of May if you’re looking for serene wildlife encounters, laid-back town exploring and of course, a trip to Victoria Falls. The country may be best known for this UNESCO attraction, but there is more to this magical, dusty land than its famous waterfall. May weather is warm and dry and is just before peak season which starts in June.

    Spend a night painting the town red in Harare

    Explore the splendour of Victoria Falls

    Spot the ‘Big Five’ across numerous parks

    A warm 22°C with mostly sunny days

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in May

  • Uganda
  • Uganda is for the adventurous spirit looking for an authentic African experience at the end of the rainy season in May. Be prepared to venture into untouched Africa as you explore this majestic country, spotting tropical, colourful animals along your path.

    Track gorillas in the Bwindi National Park

    Go kayaking down Murchison Falls

    Visit a rural Batwa village

    Day temperatures reach a high of 26°C

  • Kenya
  • Kenya is a tropical paradise for those looking to lounge their days away in the sun and is also an enticing land of bright colours and vast savannahs, for an enthralling wildlife adventure! May is an ideal time to visit this glorious country as it is the end of the wet season, with cool days that are perfect for sightseeing.

    Experience the vibrancy of Nairobi

    Relax under palm trees in Malindi

    Explore the savannahs of Wajir

    A warm 20°C with plenty of sunshine

  • Morocco
  • May is possibly the most beautiful time to visit Morocco, with cool spring air before the summer heat descends. There’s so much to see and do in this exotic country, from lush valleys to extensive coastlines and, of course, Moroccan cuisine is in a league of its own!

    Relax to the sound of the sea in Essaouira

    Visit the bustling markets of Marrakech

    Do a camel safari from the city of Fes

    Experience a warm 26°C

Events in May

Egypt – Sandbox Music Festival

This popular music festival is lucky enough to have the Red Sea as its backdrop, with the warm sands under your toes as you dance the night away. The Sandbox Music Festival is a 3-day music event like no other, with more than 70 local and international acts performing each year in El Gouna, the seaside resort town in Egypt. While there, enjoy a dip in the warm sea before heading off to dance – you may as well!

18 - 32°C daytime temperatures

First weekend of May

El Gouna seaside town

Zimbabwe – Harare International Festival of the Art)

The Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) is one of the biggest festivals in all of Africa, showcasing the best of local and regional talent that the continent has on offer. The event is six days long and includes live performances, workshops and conferences with some of Africa’s most influential artists. Immerse yourself in the various African traditions as you enjoy this prestigious event.

10 - 22°C daytime temperatures

Second week of May


Morocco – Festival of World Sacred Music

Held in perfect weather conditions, the annual Festival of World Sacred Music is an event that brings the world together for the love of traditional music and arts. Museums, art galleries and speciality boutiques are open to the public over this 10-day festival during the day, while late afternoons and evenings bring you the sweet and enigmatic sounds from across the globe. There are also film exhibitions and poetry readings to enjoy.

10 - 19°C daytime temperatures

Dates TBA


Asia & Oceania

Popular High Season Destinations in May

  • Japan
  • May is spring in Japan, the most beautiful and picturesque time of the year! Imagine yourself walking through lanes of cherry blossoms, taking in the sites of Mount Fuji and indulging in the most tantalizing Japanese cuisine! Tokyo is magical all year long too, with hidden temples alongside cutesy rabbit cafes!

    Take in the natural beauty of Ararshiyama

    Go crazy in the neon city of Tokyo

    Take a bus tour to Mount Fuji

    An average of 23°C with mostly sunny days

  • Jordan
  • Jordan is a beautiful country with a profound history that will dazzle any traveller interested in its origins. There are many interesting sights to see for anybody visiting Jordan, including the Dead Sea and the Blue Mosque of Amman.

    Spend your days sightseeing the golden city of Amman

    Sink your teeth into classic Jordanian treats

    Visit Petra - historical masterpiece from 300 B.C.

    Day temperatures reach a high of 27°C

  • China
  • China is as diverse as you can imagine, and visitors can easily move between modern cities, the green countryside and ancient cities that are untouched by modern influences. China experiences a warm spring season in May, and there is plenty to see and do while enjoying lovely daytime temperatures.

    Visit ancient temples in Beijing and Xi’an

    Walk the Great Wall of China

    Indulge your taste buds across cities!

    Enjoy daytime highs of around 26°C

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in May

  • India
  • No place in the world is as exotic, untamed and colourful as the streets of India! May in India is a beautiful time for a vacation as it is the start of monsoon season (don’t forget your umbrellas!) and the land is alive with activity.

    Shop to your heart’s content in Mumbai

    Visit beautiful colonial landmarks in Chennai

    Dip your toes into the waters of Goa

    Day temperatures reach a high of 32°C!

  • Israel
  • Set along the stunning Mediterranean Sea, Israel is a country full of intrigue and wonder! Tel Aviv offers modern and fun entertainment, while Jerusalem is a religious must-see for many pilgrims. May in Israel is all about fresh, warm days and soaking up the vibrancy of this Middle Eastern country.

    Float in the waters of the Dead Sea

    Plan a night out in the bustling Tel Aviv

    Wander the ancient streets of Jerusalem

    An average of 27°C with mostly sunny days

  • Vietnam
  • Vietnam has become a popular tourist destination with its breathtaking landscapes and amazing food! May is a wonderful time to visit this diverse country as it offers warm temperatures without the sweltering humidity that comes along in summer. The north and south of the country deliver vastly different views of the country, all wonderful and exciting to explore.

    Take a cooking class in Hanoi

    Visit the imperial city of Hue

    Sip on a cocktail at Ha Long Bay

    Pack in a sun hat with temperatures around 33°C

Events in May

Sri Lanka – Vesak

Vesak is a cultural festival that is celebrated throughout Asia in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and more. Vesak celebrates the life of Buddha – his birth, death and teachings. It is a time of coming together, sharing knowledge and prayer in the large Buddhist communities in these countries. Ornate flower garlands and special meals are prepared and shared with everyone. At night, enjoy the sightings of beautifully decorated lanterns that light up the sky.

26 - 31°C daytime temperatures

Second Sunday of May

All across Sri Lanka

New Zealand – NZ International Comedy Festival

Who doesn’t appreciate a good laugh? Well you can laugh to your heart’s content all throughout the month of May in the cities of Auckland and Wellington during the annual NZ International Comedy Festival. The evenings are hosted in theatres across the two cities and run for 21 nights. Expect only the best of the comedy world as you struggle to stay on your seat for the performances.

A beautiful and sunny 24°C

Easter long weekend

Auckland and Wellington

Hong Kong – Tin Hau Festival

On the birthday of Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea, the city of Hong Kong comes alive to rejoice and celebrate! As the wealth of Hong Kong was previously linked to the sea and having a good fishing harvest, Tin Hau will forever be honoured! There are more than 60 temples throughout Hong Kong that visitors can visit and join in the celebrations of the day. After a prayer, sit back and and enjoy the traditional dances, performances and foods on offer.

23 - 28°C daytime temperatures

Date dependent on Lunar calendar

At temples across Hong Kong

North & Central America

Popular High Season Destinations in May

  • The Dominican Republic
  • The Dominican Republic is a dream escape to the Caribbean, with endless opportunities to have a party, laze on gorgeous beaches and marvel at unique architecture. May is a hot and wet month of the year, but there is always something to do and plenty of beaches to relax on and historic sites to wander through.

    Swim with marine life

    Roam the streets of Santo Domingo

    Indulge in the enticing nightlife!

    An average of 31°C with mostly sunny days

  • Guatemala
  • Nature is at its most astounding in Guatemala with its tropical rainforests and majestic volcanoes. May is the beginning of the rainy season, with greenery and lush valleys to explore. The capital city, Guatemala City is a bustling area filled with rich culture and warm locals.

    Visit the ancient Mayan Ruins

    Try a chocolate pudding fruit

    Enjoy the natural hot springs in Zunil

    Day temperatures reach a high of 25°C

  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • The beautiful nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a laidback destination that offers you the best of island life with astounding views, pulsating rhythms and lots of decadent Caribbean dishes to try. The nation has a tropical climate, with May being the ideal time to catch a tan!

    Trek around the Vermont Nature Trails

    Have a beach day at Lower Bay Beach

    Visit the St. Vincent Botanic Gardens

    A hot 31°C with plenty of sunshine!

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in May

  • Cuba
  • Cuba should be on every traveller’s list, with its rustic charm, relaxed atmosphere and warm Caribbean waters. May is the beginning of the wet season, but don’t fret as the days are hot and the city streets still full of dancing locals and enticing cuisine.

    Stroll the streets of Havana

    Enjoy the beaches along the island’s coast

    Visit the Cuban wetlands to spot exotic wildlife

    A simmering 30°C to enjoy!

  • Mexico
  • An enigmatic country full of colour and splendour, Mexico is a wonderful destination to visit during the month of May. Tropical beaches scattered along the coast of the country have put Mexico on the map, not to mention the most amazing food that is world-famous!

    Visit the beach strips of Cancun and Cozumel

    Wander through the ancient Chichen Ruins

    Spend the night bar hopping in Los Cabos

    An average of 32°C with mostly sunny days

  • Panama
  • Discover the unusual and the absolutely breathtaking natural attractions of Panama in May. The capital city, Panama City, comes alive after dark while off the beaten path, the countryside offers something that few can rival, lush forest beds alongside the most picture-perfect beaches.

    Plan a beach day in Colon under the palm trees

    Party the night away in Panama City

    Spot exotic wildlife at the Darien National Park

    Hot days ahead with temperatures around 35°C!

Events in May

USA – Movement Electronic Music Festival

The annual Movement Electronic Festival held in Detroit grows larger every year, with performances by some of the best DJ’s from across the world – all gathered in one place to give music lovers a spectacular event. The 3-day festival takes place across five stages, with plenty of art exhibitions, clothing pop-up stores and food stalls to enjoy. This music event has been going strong since 2006.

9 - 21°C daytime temperatures

Last weekend of May


Mexico - Day of the Holy Cross

This religious event is celebrated throughout Mexico and is a great tourist attraction too. Thousands of pilgrims walk the streets of cities such as Mexico City, Monterrey and Tijuana to express their love of The Holy Cross by decorating the streets, churches, parks and cemeteries with flowers and hand-made wooden crosses. It is a beautiful event that honours the strong cultural pull of Mexican locals. Expect traditional foods and delicacies available to enjoy!

11 - 25°C daytime temperatures

3rd of May

All across Mexico

Honduras - La Ceiba Carnival

If you’re in the mood for a big party then the La Ceiba Carnival is the place to be! Every May, the city of La Ceiba comes together to celebrate in grand style and liven up the city with music, parades, dancing and so much more. The carnival takes place on the last Saturday of the month and visitors can join in on the extravagant parade. There is also an all-night party that happens after the parade, a lure for any party-goer!

16 - 30°C daytime temperatures

Third Saturday of May

La Ceiba

South America

Popular High Season Destinations in May

  • Bolivia
  • Set your heart on the open skies in the beautiful country of Bolivia during May. The Bolivian countryside is a raw and untouched wilderness, calling the adventurer to trek its mountain ranges, cruise along its lakes and enjoy its natural hot springs.

    Take a daytrip cruise down Lake Titicaca

    Enjoy the cultural vibrancy in Santa Cruz

    Do a walking tour of Valley of the Moon

    A warm 22°C with plenty of sunshine

  • Paraguay
  • A trip to South America should definitely include Paraguay as this landlocked country is more than meets the eye. The national parks alone are a drawcard with tropical birds, astounding waterfalls and wildlife unique to the region.

    Try Paraguayan cuisine in Asuncion

    Indulge in tax-free shopping!

    View wild bird species in dense rainforests

    Enjoy warm days with 26°C

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in April

  • Ecuador
  • The enchanting call of Ecuador is a perfect retreat! May is the end of the wet season so visitors are in for some refreshing, warm days as the skies clear up exploring this beautiful country. Ecuador has an abundance of natural beauty, from expansive coasts, the Amazon rainforest and the Andes mountain range.

    Go snorkelling in Isla de la Plata

    Take a cruise through the Galapagos Islands

    Explore contemporary architecture in Quito

    Day temperatures reach around 22°C

  • Guyana
  • Guyana is one of South America’s hidden treasures with some of the most stunning natural scenery that you could imagine! May in Guyana brings ideal weather to explore dense rainforests, large rivers, coastal beach areas and so much more.

    Visit a remote Amerinidian village

    Dance to some reggae in Georgetown

    See the Kaieteur Falls without all the crowds

    A warm 28°C with plenty of sunshine!

  • Brazil
  • Brazil is the largest and best-known country in South America with an overabundance of things to do at any time of the year, May included. May falls in the country’s dry season so get ready to explore the beaches, bustling cities and venture out into the countryside too.

    Work on your tan at Ipanema beach

    Stroll through art galleries in Sao Paulo

    Trek through the Iguauzu National Park

    A charming 26°C

Events in May

Argentina - Iguazu in Concert

Every year, hundreds of youth gather from around the world for a 5-day festival in Puerto Iguazu, a city in Argentina. The artists range from 9 – 18 years old and the event is for the whole family to enjoy. The concert takes place in a custom-made theatre every year, with the stunning Iguazu Falls as the backdrop. Prepare to enjoy all kinds of classical to traditional music from across the globe.

11 - 19°C daytime temperatures

Last weekend of May

Puerto Iguazu

Bolivia - Fiesta del Gran Poder

Fiesta del Gran Poder is the biggest and most celebrated cultural festival in Bolivia. It translates to ‘the festival of great power’ and celebrates the Christian faith. This festival has it all, from parades with thousands of dancers in extravagant outfits to food and drinks galore! Though it may be based on a religious event, visitors can look forward to many parties that are celebrated throughout the city of La Paz so make sure to pack in your dancing shoes!

7 - 22°C daytime temperatures

Last Saturday of May

La Paz

Colombia – Bogota International Book Fair

This annual event has been in existence for the last 30 years and only inspires more and more book enthusiasts every year. The Bogota International Book Fair attracts thousands of people a year, and if you’re keen on meeting other book lovers and engaging in workshops to help promote the love of reading, then this fair is most certainly for you.

11 - 18°C daytime temperature

First week of May


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