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April is a great month for visiting your ideal destination as it lies within the shoulder season. The Northern Hemisphere says goodbye to winter and the Southern Hemisphere beautifully rids itself of scorching summer temperatures. During April you can score lower travel deals descending on your destination. We’ve highlighted some of the most alluring countries to travel to over this month, so have a look at our guide on the best places to visit in April.

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Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in April

  • Croatia
  • You’re never too far away from the coast in Croatia. April is a beautiful time to visit Croatia, there are less tourists and the flowers are in full bloom. This time of the year is perfect for outdoor activities, including hiking, visiting flower shows and white-water rafting.

    Visit Plitvice Lakes National Park

    Take in the views of Dubrovnik by cable car

    Walk along Split's waterfront

    Go on a wine tour in Zagreb

  • Iceland
  • Iceland in April offers the chance for cheaper accommodation. April is also great for viewing the Northern Lights (particularly in the first half of the month). Watch Iceland come alive as daylight temperatures increase by up to 16 hours.

    Walk the coastal pathways of Reykjavik

    See the world-famous puffins along the fjords

    See the epic greenery of Þingvellir National Park

    Go on a glacier tour

  • Russia
  • April marks spring time in Russia and it offers the chance to see this country rich with history, with fewer crowds. You can access the rivers and canals by boats and experience Easter with the locals.

    Visit the parks in Pavlosk near St. Petersburg

    Go on a river cruise along the Moscow River.

    Visit the Moscow Kremlin

    Taste local pelmeni, shashlyk and caviar butterbrot.

Events in April

Netherlands – Koningsdag

Koningsdag or King’s Day is a national holiday celebrated on 27 April. It marks the birth of King Willem-Alexander. The Dutch hold a massive open-air market with locals and tourists dressed in orange from head to toe. Cities across the country are filled with street parties, music and fun fairs.

A cool 12°C

27 April


Spain – Seville April Fair

Kicking off with amazing fireworks two weeks after the Easter Holy Week, the April Fair is one of the Andalusian region’s biggest festivals. There are plenty of celebrations with locals dressed in their finest clothes. The streets are buzzing with endless parties.

Temperatures average between 11°C - 24°C

Second week of April


Budapest – Budapest Spring Festival

Celebrate the authentic way of life in Budapest and experience classical music, opera, jazz, theatre and photographic exhibitions. There is an array of fun activities to partake in and great things to see! The festival is held at some of Budapest’s most prestigious concert venues, including the Palace of Arts, the Academy of Music and Erkel Theatre.

Around 15°C maximum

Two weeks after Easter



Popular High Season Destinations in April

  • Cape Verde
  • There are so many cool things to see and do in April, such as relaxing on the beaches of Praia, Sao Filipe and Tarrafel. During April, you can venture to Maio Island – untouched by tourists. With hiking, sightseeing, cultural festivities and so much more to do, you are sure to always be intrigued by what Cape Verde has to offer.

    Bird watching and fishing in Figueria da Horta

    See loggerhead turtles nest on Boa Vista’s shores

    Go quad biking on the sand dunes

    Sample wine and coffee grown on Fogo’s volcano

  • Ghana
  • April provides the ideal weather conditions for visiting Ghana. It forms part of the dry season, therefore navigating through the country’s terrain is much easier. Visit Accra, where you will find an abundance of things to do, including chocolate tastings, visiting the National Museum and trying local dishes like jollof rice and banku.

    Visit the Cape Coast Castle

    Explore Kejetia Market

    Relax on the Ghana’s caramel beaches

    Take a scenic walk through Kakum National Park

  • Mauritius
  • Mauritius beckons to be traversed and enjoyed at your own pace. Summer in Mauritius is the best time to sip cocktails on the beaches of Flic en Flac and Grand Baie. Try the delicacies of the local culture like refreshing coconut water, Victoria pineapples and gajak.

    Visit the capital city, Port Louis

    Enjoy Grand Baie’s nightlife

    Try scuba diving in Blue Bay Marine Park

    Daily average temperatures of 21°C

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in April

  • Botswana
  • Head to Botswana for a wildlife spectacle and landscapes blessed with majestic scenery! April is a great time to visit this African destination. Game viewing begins to increase from April, so make sure you book accommodation in advance.

    Go on a Botswanian safari

    View lush landscapes at Kgalagadi and
    Central Kalahari parks

    Marvel at the views on a hot air balloon ride

    Sunny temperatures average 25°C

  • Swaziland
  • Agriculturally-rich valleys and mountain tops make up the landscape of Swaziland. The locals will welcome you with a warm smile to their country. Swaziland is easy to access from South Africa and with endless things to see and do, Swaziland is a must-visit.

    See southern white rhinos

    Taste traditional stews

    Photograph the stunning scenery

    Pleasant average temperatures of 23°C

  • Zambia
  • Visit the landlocked country of Zambia, and treat your eyes to nature’s prized jewels! April is when you’ll see Victoria Falls in all its glory flowing effortlessly. Visit the craft markets in Lusaka and its epic wildlife parks.

    Peruse the African craft markets

    Visit the remote Mwaleshi Camp

    Visit Livingstone for incredible sightseeing and activities

    Experience a warm 26°C

Events in April

South Africa – AfrikaBurn

AfrikaBurn is the continent’s biggest alternative festival. Every year, volunteers gather for a week of creative expression. A temporary city of art, including theme camps, music and performances brings life to the Tankwa Karoo.

Average daylight temperatures of 24°C

Last week of April

South Africa

Namibia – Windhoek Karneval (WIKA)

The Windhoek Karneval is a German-style carnival which takes place during the first two weeks in April. There are loads of fun music performances, a masked ball and a parade down Independence Avenue attracting thousands of enthusiastic spectators.

Expect average highs of 26°C

Early April


Cape Verde – The Flag Feast

Held on the island of Fogo, the flag feast begins with the ritual of women peeling and pounding maize to the beat of a drum, while the men compete in horse races to honour the running of next year’s event. There is a ceremonial mass and epic street party that takes place!

Average highs of 25°C

30 April

Cape Verde

Asia & Oceania

Popular High Season Destinations in April

  • Japan
  • Japan is an amazing and beautiful country, with its ancient history contrasting skyscrapers and technological advances. There is so much to see, from the fast-paced Tokyo, to the laid-back Okinawa you are in for a cultural treat!

    Feed and play with monkeys at Arashiya Monkey Park

    Ride a bullet train

    Visit Osaka's cool districts

    10°C - 18°C daytime temperatures

  • Jordan
  • Jordan is a beautiful country with a profound history that will dazzle any traveller interested in its origins. There are many interesting sights to see for anybody visiting Jordan, including the Dead Sea and the Blue Mosque of Amman

    Visit the high cliffs and incredible buildings in Petra

    See the Roman ruins in Jerash

    Go canyoning in Wadi Mujahib

    Lovely daytime temperatures of 22°C

  • Philippines
  • The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands, with one-of-a-kind rainforests, volcanoes, rice terraces and beaches. The Banaue Rice Terraces, city of Vigan, and Tubbataha Reef are just some of the UNESCO sites to explore!

    Spend your days island hopping and scuba diving

    Attend the Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival

    Visit historical sites in Manila

    Daytime temperatures peak at 34°C

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in April

  • India
  • A trip to India will reward you with interesting people, culture, breathtaking landscapes, and a diverse array of food dishes. Wherever you’re travelling in the country you are bound to be taken aback with all that this humble destination possesses.

    See the epic Dudhsagar Falls

    Visit the markets in Delhi

    Relax on Goa's beaches

    Expect a toasty 36°C

  • Israel
  • Israel is home to natural wonders, archaeological treasures and preserved culture. It is a truly beautiful country that will take you on a journey of self-discovery. Visit the Holy Land for an adventure like no other. The capital city, Jerusalem is alive with so many beautiful attractions.

    Trek the Israel National Trail

    Walk along the Tel Aviv Promenade

    Visit the museums and religious monuments

    Bring a jersey for a cool 21°C

  • Vietnam
  • Vietnam is abundant with natural beauty that leaves you in pure amazement. This diverse country is marked with bustling cities and tranquil villages. With so many mountains, temples and delicious cuisine to explore, you are in for an epic holiday!

    Do a bike tour in Hanoi

    Take a food tour or cooking class

    Go sailing down the Mekong Delta in Ho Chi Minh City

    A humid 28°C calls for light clothes

Events in April

Thailand – Songkran Festival

Release your inner child at Songkran which celebrates the Buddhist New Year in Thailand. For three days the locals and visitors take to the streets geared with water pistols, buckets of water and super soakers ready for a drenching ensued with laughter and fun! The symbolism behind the Songkran Festival is a cleansing ritual to wash away the sins of the previous year and usher in the New Year. The water is a welcoming treat in the midst of the country’s heat.

A sweltering 35°C

13-15 April


Byron Bay, Australia – Byron Bay Bluesfest

Taking place over the Easter long weekend, at Tygarah Tea Tree Farm, Byron Bay Bluesfest celebrates Australia’s best contemporary blues and roots music. The festival showcases over 200 performances over 5 days, with loads of food and market stalls, and children’s entertainment. Bluesfest has played host to acts such as Bob Dylan, Alabama Shakes and BB King, to name a few. This award-winning festival is worth checking out if you’re in Byron Bay in April!

A beautiful 24°C

Easter weekend

Byron Bay,
New South Wales

Japan – Hanami (Cherry Blossom Festival)

Japan is renowned for its cherry blossom trees and April is the best time to see the beautiful flowers in full bloom. The Japanese flock to the parks for family time, picnics and drinking sessions. Take along food and drinks to the park for a special gathering in the heart of spring. Once the cherry blossoms appear it signals the start of festivities in Japan. Hanami shows the beauty of age-old tradition amongst the Japanese people sharing food and drinks with one another.

10°C – 18°C daytime temperatures

When the cherry blossoms
are in full bloom


North & Central America

Popular High Season Destinations in April

  • Barbados
  • Barbados is an ideal destination for a spring break! Consider spending your Easter holidays surrounded by natural beauty, crystal-clear waters and of course the mesmerising beaches. Explore the island country’s exotic marine life and cuisine.

    Visit Harrison’s Cave

    Relax on the beaches

    Do a rum tasting tour at Mount Gay

    A warm 28°C

  • Costa Rica
  • Those who love the sun will love a holiday in Costa Rica in April with its wild jungles and tropical charm. You’ll need to book accommodation and tours well in advance as this is a busy time of year. Days spent on beaches are infinite in towns like Tamarindo .

    Explore authentic Costa Rican markets

    Go white-water rafting

    Visit the National Museum of Costa Rica

    Scorching temperatures between 30°C - 37°C

  • Mexico
  • With a Caribbean coast in the east and North Pacific coast in the west, you can expect different weather across Mexico. Rich with history, culture, and culinary experiences, you are in for a truly wonderful encounter with the country’s charm.

    Visit La Casa Azul

    Try authentic Mexican barbacoa

    See the pyramids in Teotihuacan

    Lovely 25°C daytime temperatures

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in April

  • Canada
  • Visiting Canada in spring offers travellers great discounts before the peak summer season crowd arrives. Ontario is where you’ll see the winter snow melt and the beautiful flowers begin to bloom. Breathe in the fresh air of winter passing and summer arriving.

    Walk the cobblestoned streets of Québec City

    Check out Montreal's art scene

    Enjoy outdoor adventures in Vancouver

    A crisp 11°C calls for jackets and scarves

  • Jamaica
  • In April, the island nation is best described as hot and occasionally rainy. Jamaica has average daytime temperatures of 26°C and April is a great time to visit if you wish to avoid the island’s sweltering heat. Explore the underwater kingdoms during some fun snorkelling.

    Visit Dolphin Cove

    Taste authentic Jamaican coffee

    View the tropical landscapes

    Temperatures average between 24°C and 31°C

  • Bahamas
  • The Bahamas is a playground like no other and invites visitors for a chance to unwind and enjoy this destination’s stunning beaches, architecture and culture. Nassau is a tropical paradise abundant with palm trees and crystal-clear waters.

    Visit Ardastra Gardens

    Try local dishes such as “fish fry”

    Interact with stingrays

    The beaches welcome a lovely 27°C

Events in April

Trinidad and Tobago – Tobago Jazz Festival

Enjoy jazz on the beach, in bars, lounges, parks and everywhere else possible. The Tobago Jazz Festival is usually held towards the end of April and attracts international musicians such as Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Sting and George Benson. The Tobago Jazz Festival is the country’s biggest musical event which celebrates jazz, and the indigenous music of Trinidad and Tobago, as well as new music from around the world. This is one festival you need to experience as it encapsulates everything that the country is known for.

Average temperatures of 29°C

Last week of April

Trinidad and Tobago

California, USA - Coachella Festival

Coachella is an annual music and arts festival that gathers the world’s celebrities and anyone looking for a weekend of glamour and enviable line-ups. Your outfit of choice is central to the festival as you might get snapped by a magazine. Past line-ups include Beyoncé, Guns N’ Roses and Eminem. Aside from the great music, this world-renowned festival also has a Ferris wheel and some of the USA’s most famed restaurants, amongst other cool things.

24°C daytime temperatures

2nd and 3rd weekend in April

California, USA

Jamaica - Jamaica Carnival

During Easter, the island nation celebrates the Jamaica Carnival in Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. Feel the electrifying energy of the Jamaican people pulsate through the streets. Hear the sounds of legendary Bob Marley and calypso bands which go hand in hand with Soca acts and steel bands. It’s one big street party with high-energy and fun-filled events and colourful street parades.

A beautiful 31°C

Last week of April


South America

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in April

  • Ecuador
  • This seaside destination is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in its incredible wildlife on Galápagos Island and in the vast Amazon Forest. Explore the colonial architecture in Quito and venture to the beautiful port city of Guayaquil.

    Explore the beautiful Plaza Grande Square

    Ride the TelefériQo Cableway

    Cruise the Galápagos Islands

    Average temperatures of 20°C

  • Peru
  • Peru is a country marked with extraordinary beauty and energy exuding from its people. Machu Picchu is synonymous with the country but it has so much more to offer. See the archaeological gems in Arequipa and explore Cusco’s profound history.

    Taste the bold flavours of Peruvian cuisine

    Visit the ruins of the Andean civilisations

    Explore the markets in Lima

    Sunny and warm temperatures reach 26°C

  • Brazil
  • Brazil is an enchanting country with so much vibrancy, from vivacious street carnivals to entertaining football matches. The natural landscapes keep you enthralled along with the melting-pot of cultures that make Brazil a must-visit destination.

    See the famed Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro

    Visit the capital city, Brasília

    Explore Lake Guaíba in Porto Alegre

    A charming 26°C

Events in April

San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina - Chocolate Festival

San Carlos de Bariloche is well known for its quality chocolate. Celebrate your Easter at the Chocolate Festival and taste the best handcrafted chocolates in the country. Held over several days, at the Civic Centre, which is a national historical monument, a traditional egg measuring over eight metres in height with a five metre diameter beckons to be eaten. The Chocolate Festival is the closest you’ll get to a Willy Wonka experience.

A crisp 16°C

Around Easter


Colombia - The Vallenato Legend Festival

The Vallenato Legend Festival is one of the largest music festivals in Colombia. It takes place in the city of Valledupar over a period of four days. The festival is dedicated to celebrating the traditional accordion music known as ‘vallenato’. Throughout the festival, there are free concerts and competitive performances throughout the day and even major concerts at various stadiums throughout Valledupar.

Cool temperatures between 20°C and 26°C

Late April

Valledupar, Colombia

Chile – Vendimia (Harvest Festivals)

Take a guided tour of Chile’s excellent wine farms by attending the exceptional wine festivals. The best time to visit wineries in Chile is during the vendimia, simply known as the harvest festival. These locally-held events are hosted by the Chilean municipalities with the aim of bringing together wines from several nearby valleys to help visitors get a taste of the region. At the vendimias, you can do tastings and enjoy traditional foods, including empanadas.

Moderate highs of 20°C

Early to mid-April


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