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July marks the busy summer season throughout the northern hemisphere. Europe, North America and Asia bristle with activity and exciting festivals, while the southern hemisphere enjoys a cooler and quieter low season for the most part. Whether you’re looking to escape the winter and enjoy a sun-filled holiday in the Mediterranean, or the budget-friendly islands in the Caribbean, we’ve highlighted the best places to visit in July to make the most of your holiday!

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Popular High Season Destinations in July

  • Greece
  • Greece is a summer paradise! A country rich with history, ancient sculptures, delicious food, and turquoise beaches dotted with white yachts, Greece has so much to offer. Spend your days strolling through the picturesque villages in Chios, Corfu and Rhodes.

    Learn about the ancient history and ruins in Athens

    Swim off the Cycladic islands of Santorini and Mykonos

    Feast on the freshest Mediterranean food

    Soak up the summer sun at a warm 28 °C

  • Spain
  • Spain welcomes you to its iconic attractions, beautiful villages, Gothic cathedrals, scenic coastline, and world-class tapas. Whether you’re partying it up on Ibiza or getting a cultural tour of Madrid, July is the best time to make the most of Spain

    Visit La Lonja de la Seda in Valencia

    Visit Barcelona’s Picasso Museum and Sagrada Familia

    Experience the quirky districts and museums in Malaga

    Expect warm 27°C days

  • Italy
  • Italy is more than just touring the Colosseum, Pisa, Sistine Chapel, and floating down the romantic canals in Venice. Taste you way through each region, from Milan down to Naples and along the Amalfi Coast, to the spicy cobbled streets of Catania.

    Visit the iconic Duomo an Ponte Vecchio in Florence

    Taste the best handmade pasta and gelato in Rome

    Spend a weekend up in Lake Como

    Bask in 28°C temperatures all summer long

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in July

    Georgia is an unassuming surprise! It’s capital city, Tbilisi, is nothing short of cultural with its vine-clad monasteries, warm sulphuric springs and a pumping underground music scene. The Caucasus Mountains spiral into the clouds, with incredible views.

    Explore underground monasteries and illuminated caves

    Visit the markets in Kutaisi for authentic Georgian

    View the countryside by paragliding and on horseback

    Daytime temperatures range between 25-30°C

Events in July

France – Tour de France

This iconic, world-class cycling event has been a summer highlight since 1903, bringing together riders and spectators from all over the world. Different stages of the race are held in various European countries, with the majority of the route through France. Die-hard fans can camp along the route, otherwise, make your way to the last stage and watch the riders traditionally finish down the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

16-25°C day temperatures

Three weeks in July


Spain – Running of the Bulls (San Fermin Festival)

This controversial and highly energetic festival draws over a million spectators each year from around Spain and Europe. Watch a stream of bulls raging down the streets of Pamplona, hot on the heels of the daring bull runners in front. See the locals dress up and celebrate with adrenalin-fuelled dancing, flowing wine and tapas – this is one festival where you can experience authentic Spanish culture.

Little rain, averaging 24°C

6 - 14 July


Belgium – Tomorrowland

The biggest electronic music festival to take Europe by storm, this highly-anticipated event attracts over 400,000 people over two weekends in the little town of Boom, just outside Antwerp. The festival is like a fantasy come to life with its mind-blowing stage designs and production, and an A-list line-up of the best EDM, house and techno DJs in the world. Tickets sell out fast, so book yours to experience a world-class music festival like no other.

Days are a cool 20°C

9-21, 26-28 July



Popular High Season Destinations in July

  • Botswana
  • July is Botswana’s dry season and game viewing is extraordinary. Game lodges fill up quickly, so best to book accommodation in advance. You’ll easily spot animal herds gathered around the watering holes, especially in the Okavango Delta, Chobe and Moremi.

    Take a hot air balloon ride over the Okavango Delta

    Go on a 4X4 safari through Kasane

    Pitch a tent or stay in a luxury lodge along the
    Chobe River

    Days peak at 25°C and drop to below freezing at night

  • Zimbabwe
  • While Zimbabwe might not be on every traveller’s bucket list, it offers nature lovers the adventures of a lifetime. Aside from its abundant game reserves like Mana Pools, visit the beautiful Chinhoyi Caves and go bungee jumping down Victoria Falls.

    Hike through Matobo National Park

    Meet the largest elephant population in
    Hwange National Park

    Stay on a houseboat on Lake Kariba

    Days are warm and dry at 24°C

  • Madagascar
  • Madagascar is a backpacker’s dream of jungles and canyons. July is a great time for spotting whales and baby lemurs. Go sailing and surfing off its pristine, white beaches. Sample spicy dark chocolate and wander the colourful streets of Antananarivo.

    Walk between the towering baobab trees in Menabe

    Go diving with dolphins, manta rays and turtles

    Walk through the limestone forests in Tsingy Park

    Temperatures reach a toasty 26°C in the north

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in July

  • Morocco
  • Morocco is a feast for the eyes, and July is the perfect time to explore its beaches, souks, royal architecture and imperial cities. Hike to beautiful waterfalls just outside Marrakech and surf along the golden shores in Essaouira.

    Shop at the tanneries in Fez

    Stay in a Bedouin village in the Sahara Desert

    Steam in a traditional Moroccan hammam

    July is the hottest month, averaging 29°C!

  • Egypt
  • Egypt welcomes you to its rugged landscapes, colourful bazaars, fragrant dishes, ancient landmarks and warm beaches. The Pharaonic sites in Aswan and Luxor are well worth a tour, as is a mandatory cruise along the Nile.

    Go diving and snorkelling in the Red Sea

    Ride a camel through the Pyramids of Giza

    Hike up Mount Sinai for an incredible sunset

    Egypt sears at 35°C, so pack your beachwear

  • Ethiopia
  • Ethiopia will surprise you with its thrilling trekking, ancient relics, stone castles, delicious cuisine and soulful people. Be intrigued by its religious artefacts, indigenous wildlife, and local ceremonies. A trip here is one for the memory books!

    Sit down to a traditional coffee ceremony

    See the monolithic stone churches of Lalibela

    Meet the tribes of the Omo Valley

    Expect a cool 17°C between heavy rains

Events in July

Morocco – Festival of Popular Arts

This annual event brings together dance troupes, Berber musicians, fortune tellers and snake charmers from across Morocco for one week of colourful festivities. Catch the main events at the El Badi Palace and Jemaa el-Fnaa market square. Get a glimpse into the rhythm, colour, and heartbeat of Moroccan culture. For an extra special experience, choose to stay in a riad (converted traditional homes) with beautiful ornate architecture, overlooking beautiful gardens.

Day time reaches a scorching 38°C

First week in July


Zanzibar – Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF)

A merging of East African art and culture with Middle Eastern and Indian influences bring this film festival to life. In addition to the main film event, a culmination of music, theatre, performing arts and workshops take place throughout Stone Town. You can see the talents of emerging filmmakers from around the world, including the US, Germany, Italy, the UK, Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa. Thousands of visitors flock to this festival, and when the screenings end, you might even catch a late-night full moon party on the island.

A warm 24°C throughout the day

Second week in July

Stone Town

Grahamstown, South Africa – National Arts Festival

The biggest arts festival in South Africa, the streets of Grahamstown come alive with colour and excitement every year in July. Performances take place in every available space, from rehearsal rooms and street corners to conservatories and theatres. Get your slice of culture with drama, cabaret, jazz, opera and stand-up comedy filling the town over two weeks in July. Tickets should be booked in advance, but can also be bought at the door. Aside from the performances, there are lots of craft markets, food stalls and beer tents to keep you busy.

Lows of 8°C, highs of 21°C

Runs for two weeks, starting late June


Asia & Oceania

Popular High Season Destinations in July

  • China
  • July marks the rainy season in China, but there is plenty to see and do. While attractions like The Forbidden City, Great Wall and temples in Xi'an are obvious must-sees, you can also cruise down the Yangtze River and marvel at Shanghai's skyline.

    Hike through the waterfalls of the Yanoda Rainforest

    Visit the Terracotta Warriors and
    Chengdu's giant pandas

    Enjoy a steaming hotpot with the locals

    Pack in a poncho and flipflops for heavy downpours

  • South Korea
  • South Korea is full of activities in summer – ziplining to Nami Island, DMZ tours, scenic hiking, and endless Korean BBQ! Laze on the beaches in Busan and Jeju Island, and channel your inner child at Everland, South Korea's largest amusement park.

    See Gyeongbokgung Palace and Bongeunsa
    emple in Seoul

    Grab a coffee at a themed café

    Get down and dirty at the Boryeong Mud Festival

    Expect monsoon rains and warm days of 27°C

  • Vietnam
  • Summer in Vietnam spells out adventure and tourists. With so much to see, you could start in Hanoi, pop down to the beaches in Da Nang, explore the pretty French town of Hoi An, taste the coffee in Dalat, and end off at a rooftop bar in Ho Chi Mnh City.

    Board a junk boat to Ha Long Bay

    Cycle through the rice fields of Sa Pa and Mai Chau

    Camp inside the caves at Phong Nha Ke Bang
    National Park

    Days sizzle at a humid 34°C with heavy rain showers

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in July

  • Thailand
  • Take advantage of fewer crowds and lower prices in July, and make the most of Thailand’s beaches, temples, rainforests, and shopping. July is a great time for scuba diving off Koh Samui, and you'll have the beautiful beaches all to yourself

    Visit the Grand Palace and floating markets in Bangkok

    Go snorkelling off the Phi Phi Islands

    Take up a cooking class in Chiang Mai

    Warm 30°C days and rain showers can be expected

  • Australia
  • An Australian winter might just be your perfect trip! You can have snow-filled adventure down south, just outside of Melbourne and in Tasmania, while the northern beaches Cairns and Darwin offer a sunny escape.

    Visit Kakadu National Park and Mindil Beach in Darwin

    Relax along Noosa Beach in Queensland

    Go snorkelling off the Great Barrier Reef

    The south peaks at 12°C; a toasty 29°C up north

  • Dubai
  • The UAE sizzles during July and, if you can stand the heat, you’ll have Dubai’s attractions and beaches all to yourself! This is the ideal time to enjoy the water sports, discounted shopping, aquariums, and relax with a drink at a premier rooftop bar.

    Watch the Dubai Fountain show from the Burj Khalifa

    Dive with manta rays and fish at Dive Atlantis

    Slip and slide at the Aquaventure Waterpark

    Pack in cool clothes and sunscreen for a hot 40°

Events in July

Indonesia – We the Fest

This massive summer festival, on the island of Java, has rocked the local music scene since 2014, attracting more and more headliners and fans every year. This festival is held over 2-3 days and you can opt for a day pass or the 3-day pass. Aside from the music (anything from rock to rap and EDM), the quirky art installations, skate parks, cinema clubs, and theme-inspired food will take your experience to the next level. Popular travel packages are available to cover your festival ticket and hotel stay.

Hot 29°C days



Singapore – Singapore Food Festival

For the last 25 years, Singaporeans and foodies from around the world unite to celebrate Singapore’s exotic food culture. This month-long festival is a true feast for the senses where authentic food, fine artistic presentations and modern interpretations of traditional flavours are on display for all to savour. See the best talents and Michelin-starred chefs whip up a smorgasbord of delights all around the island.

Warm temperatures of 27°C


All around Singapore

Australia – Splendour in the Grass

If you love music festivals, this is one not to miss! This mega-fest draws the likes of Outkast, Coldplay and The Strokes, and features a range of genres, from indie to hip-hop and electronica. For three days straight, you’ll be surrounded by amazing bands, dance and circus workshops, art installations, craft markets and delicious food.

Cool temperatures of 16°C

20 – 22 July

Byron Bay, New South Wales

North & Central America

Popular High Season Destinations in July

  • Canada
  • As the warmest month of the year to visit Canada, summer festivities are in abundance! Cities like Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver bristle with outdoor festivals and events. Camping trips in the Yukon are popular, as are train rides through the Rocky Mountains.

    Go canoeing in Banff National Park

    Enjoy an art crawl through Toronto’s hip districts

    Experience Montreal's food and shopping scene

    Day temperatures peak at 27°C down south

  • USA
  • Expect busy attractions and higher prices during America’s summer season. What a great time to explore the national parks, forests, lakes, beaches and nightlife. Try to catch a baseball game in Chicago, New York or Boston for a truly American experience!

    Attend the wine, art and music festivals in Napa

    Go hot-air ballooning in New Jersey

    Enjoy the food and arts scene of New Orleans

    Washington sees an average of 26°C

  • Cuba
  • July is carnival season in Cuba, so the cities will be lively and the beaches full. See local culture at its best with colourful street parades, friendly locals and mouth-watering Cuban cuisine. Be prepared for sizzling days and a few sporadic rain showers.

    Stroll around the colonial city of Trinidad

    Explore Havana’s Old Town in a vintage car

    Buy homemade cigars in the Viñales Valley

    Santiago de Cuba sizzles at 33°C – beach time!

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in July

  • Mexico
  • Mexico’s low season is the perfect time to immerse yourself in its cuisine, festivals, Mayan ruins, jungles and beaches – at half the price! With so much to see and do, Mexico makes for a great family holiday, couples’ trip, or a fun solo adventure.

    Swim with whale sharks in Cancún

    Surf’s up in Oaxaca and Mazatlán

    Release baby turtles into the sea in Yucatan

    32°C heat waves bring a few afternoon showers

  • Jamaica
  • If you can stand the heat, you’ll love all that a Jamaican summer has to offer! From pool parties and music festivals to swimming in waterfalls, bamboo rafting and feasting on delicious seafood, you’ll fall in love with Jamaica’s rhythm in no time.

    Take a Jerk cooking class in Kingston

    Visit the Pelican Bar in the middle of the Caribbean

    Get your groove on at Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay

    Pack in sunblock and a hat for a sweltering 33°C

  • Cayman Islands
  • With low rainfall and beautiful summer weather, a holiday in the Cayman Islands is something truly special. Take advantage of low season specials and empty, pristine beaches. With incredible snorkelling and world-class cuisine, you’ll feel like a celebrity.

    Shop up a storm on Grand Cayman

    Sip on a frozen daiquiri at Rum Pointe

    Work on your tan at Seven Mile Beach

    Hot 33°C days welcome a few, short rain showers

Events in July

Cuba – Santiago de Cuba Carnival

The biggest carnival in the Caribbean, the carnival in Santiago de Cuba will have you shaking your hips to congas and join in with the colourful street performers. The Cubans proudly celebrate their Spanish and Afro-Cuban heritage in this carnival capital, where the streets are lined with fresh cocktails and free-flowing beer. This is one explosion of beauty, colour, rhythm and flavour that embodies Cuban culture.

Days can reach highs of 33°C

Last two weeks in July

Santiago de Cuba

USA - Independence Day (Fourth of July)

Think dazzling fireworks, concerts, sports games, beach parties, barbecues and street parades – this is what the 4th of July is all about. Americans take this holiday very seriously, so expect them to go all out and show you a good time. Enjoy views from the Hudson River or a rooftop bar in New York, family carnivals in Washington, Disney shows in Orlando, food festivals in Chicago, and much excitement down at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles.

23°C in New York

4 July

Cities throughout the USA

USA - Taste of Chicago

This six-day outdoor food festival showcases the best of Chicago’s famous food scene. Taste all the different flavours of this gourmet city, from classic dishes to speciality cuisines and modern creations with a twist. Pop-up restaurants, food trucks and live cooking demos line the streets, leaving you spoilt for choice at what to sample next. By night, you can party to the sounds of local musicians taking to the stage at the Petrillo Music Shell amphitheatre.

Days can peak at 29°C



South America

Popular High Season Destinations in July

  • Paraguay
  • Paraguay’s winters experience very little rainfall, keeping you cool and dry during your holiday. Tax-free shopping, spectacular waterfalls, Jesuit ruins and fascinating national parks are just some of the reasons why you should visit Paraguay in July.

    Marvel at the colonial architecture in Asunción

    Go jungle-trekking at Iguazú Falls

    Explore the Cordillera Mountains on horseback

    Pack in a warm jersey for 18°C weather

  • Peru
  • While the beaches are less crowded during winter, July is the best time to trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, so make sure you book your tours in advance. Adventurous travellers will enjoy hiking, kayaking along the lakes, and walking the towns flat.

    Go trekking through the Amazon Rainforest

    Stroll through the beautiful streets of Cusco

    Camp for a few nights in the Rainbow Mountains

    Pack in a scarf for chilly nights of 16°C

  • Argentina
  • If it’s a cosy winter escape you’re after, experience the magic of Argentina. The Patagonia region is filled with skiers and snowboarders lodging in cosy mountain cabins. For a slightly warmer holiday, head up to the natural wonder of Iguazú Falls.

    Tango the night away in Buenos Aires

    Go skiing in Bariloche and the Calafate Mountains

    Taste the best wines in Córdoba and Mendoza

    Temperatures can drop below 8°C, so keep warm!

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in July

  • Uruguay
  • As a year-round destination, Uruguay can be your summer getaway, even in winter! Wander through the historical streets of Colonia del Sacramento, steam in the thermal springs of Salto, and soak up the long golden beaches along the coast.

    Hit the beach bars along José Ignacio

    Go whale watching in Punta del Este

    Seek out a foodie tour of Pueblo Garzón

    Enjoy the outdoors at a cool 15°C

  • Brazil
  • Don’t let Brazil’s humidity and rainfall stop you from enjoying the lack of crowds during July. With its expansive coastline, exotic jungles and reserves, architecture and galleries, iconic landmarks and flamboyant culture, you could easily stay for the month.

    Visit interesting museums and galleries in São Paulo

    Explore the hiking trails and beaches in Rio de Janeiro

    Take a boat trip down the Amazon River

    Expect warm days up north, and chilly days down south

  • Chile
  • With its wild glacial landscapes, cultural festivals and hearty stews, all set against the snow-capped Andes, Chile is one of the best places to visit in July. Take a walking tour of Santiago and discover the passion and creativity of this interesting city.

    Relax and unwind in the Chillán Hot Springs

    Go tobogganing, skiing or snowboarding in
    Valle Nevado

    Enjoy the nightlife in La Serena and Coquimbo

    Temperatures drop to 12°C up north, and
    -1°C down south

Events in July

Argentina - Independence Day

In celebration of Argentina’s independence since 1816, the cities of Buenos Aires and Tucumán put on a spectacle of traditional theatre, military parades and live music along their streets, while churches around the country hold special ceremonies to mark the occasion. Stick with tradition and pop into a cosy café for a hot chocolate and plate of churros to keep warm!

Temperatures average a chilly 11°C

9 July

Buenos Aires

Chile - Fiesta de la Nieve (Snow Festival)

The Patagonian region comes alive with fireworks, winter sports, rodeo competitions, floats, beauty pageants, live music and gourmet delights celebrating the start of winter at this snow festival. Locals and tourists love to take part and gather in the southernmost city of Chile, Puerto Williams.

Frosty 2°C average


Puerto Williams

Paraguay – Nanduti Festival

Should you find yourself in Paraguay during the last weekend in July, head over to the city of Itagua, an hour’s drive from Asunción. Nanduti refers to the traditional lace fashioned in this region and is the best place to go and shop for typical Paraguayan clothes and designs. Each year, since 1970, this festival proudly displays this region’s music, crafts, art and food.

Warm 24°C highs

Last weekend in July


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