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September is a great time to go travelling abroad! For the northern parts of the world, it falls after the popular summer season. In the south, it’s months before high volumes of tourists travel. Depending on your destination, you’ll be enjoying the comfortable spring or the cooling sensations of autumn. There are cooler days in Africa and South America, warmer days in North America and Europe, or a blend of both in Asia – there’s so much from which you can choose! Travelstart understands how serious you are about getting the most out of your well-deserved holidays. Let us guide you on the best places to visit in September across the world!

Travelstart knows how serious you are about getting the most out of your precious holidays. Let us guide you on the best places to visit in September across the world!

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Popular High Season Destinations in September

  • Austria
  • A great time to travel to Austria, September is washed with fiery autumn hues sweeping across the landscape, and pleasant weather. Visit beautiful castles, tuck into traditional Wiener schnitzels in Vienna, and enjoy the thriving wine culture.

    Enjoy the summer music festivals in Dublin

    Visit the Naschmarkt for food, music and fun

    Don traditional garb at the Wiener Wiesn Festival

    Pack something warm for an average of 15°C

  • Russia
  • Russia is as intriguing as it is controversial, with spectacular architecture, rich history and a contrastingly cosmopolitan capital, Moscow. The Golden Autumn, as declared by the poet Pushkin, is perfect for enjoying the culture of Russia.

    Try your hand at Bandy, or Russian ice hockey

    Visit the colourful, iconic St Basil’s Cathedral

    Eat Pelmeni, Russia’s national dish of dumplings

    Daytime average of around 12°C

  • Denmark
  • Denmark, the birthplace of Lego and home to more bicycles than cars, is also comprised of the Danish Archipelago. Enjoy the pristine coastline year-round, sample local pastries, salty liquorice and admire world-renowned Danish architecture.

    Hike and birdwatch in Thy National Park

    Visit the oldest operating amusement park, Bakken

    Dine at Copenhagen’s Cooking & Food Festival

    Bring a raincoat with for some rainy, 14°C days!

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in September

  • Scotland
  • Scotland has no shortage of history-laden castles, spectacular natural landscapes and a healthy dose of whiskey to wash down good food. If a crowded line-up of music festivals doesn’t take your fancy, perhaps it’s the Scottish Highland Games.

    Tour Edinburgh Castle and its treasures

    Sip on whiskey and ale at a classic Scottish pub

    Spectate competitors at the Braemar Gathering

    Average daytime temperature of 13°C

  • France
  • France is well endowed with historical landmarks, Gothic architecture, gourmet food and wine. From the magnificent French Riviera to the sweeping Alps, the natural landscapes beg to be discovered.

    Celebrate French gastronomy at Goût de France

    Explore the chateaux of the Loire Valley

    Dance through Paris at The Techno Parade

    Bring a jacket and umbrella for an average of 16°C

  • Turkey
  • With a fascinating cultural history, ancient ruins and architecture, Turkey’s beautiful natural landscape also lends itself well to days spent savouring Turkish cuisine, while soaking up the views. Also enjoy shopping and unmissable art in Istanbul.

    Experience a traditional Hammam, or Turkish Bath

    Take a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia

    Explore the underground city of Derinkuyu

    Pack for a pleasant average of 21°C

Events in September

Italy – Joust of the Saracens

Make sure you’re in Arezzo, Tuscany, during early September to witness this exciting festival. The locals there love hosting the Joust of Saracen (or locally known as Giostra del Saracino). Watch more than 300 participants dress up in historical costume, with those as knights showing off their jousting skills! Before the start of the tournament, enjoy a flag-waving performance before the procession enters the square where the event will take place. Watch Arezzo come alive with the colours, sounds and flavours of the Middle Ages!

31°C daytime temperatures

The first Sunday in September


Germany – Oktoberfest

Despite the event’s name and that it is famously known for taking place in October, Oktoberfest begins in the last week and a half of September! For all beer lovers, this is a celebration you cannot miss. Get ready to enjoy great beer, top-notch German cuisine, cute gingerbread cookie necklaces, and exciting fair rides. With more than six million people from around the world attending each year, make sure you get to the Theresienwiese festival grounds in Munich as early as you can with your Bavarian garb.

18-15°C daytime temperatures

Late-September to early October


France – Jazz Festival O‘Glass Beaune

Jazz lovers are in for a treat if they’re visiting France in September. Make your way to the town of Beaune in the Burgundy wine-making region, a 1-hour, 40-minute drive north of Lyon. During the last weekend of the month, witness an exciting music festival! Enjoy the variety of entertainment on the street, with high-class vocalists and instrumentalists performing on the last weekend of September. Besides treats for your ears, satisfy your taste buds with delicious local dishes.

19°C daytime temperatures

Mid- or late-September



Popular High Season Destinations in September

  • Namibia
  • On the Namibian coastline, a cold Atlantic Ocean laps against some of the highest desert dunes in the world. It’s also home to the world’s largest cheetah population, a scattering of German colonial architecture and a semi-buried diamond mining town.

    Capture sunset snapshots at Dead Vlei

    Take a camel ride across the Namib Desert dunes

    Visit Kolmanskop mining town, swallowed by dunes

    Pack sunscreen and a hat for 20°C days

  • Uganda
  • Although landlocked, Uganda houses Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria. The “Pearl of Africa”, as remarked by Winston Churchill, is a treasure trove of natural resources, lush national parks, rare animal species and is host to numerous vibrant markets.

    Buy a Rolex, not a watch, but Ugandan fast food!

    Stand over the equator in Kayabwe

    Go gorilla trekking in Bwindi National Park

    A tropical average temperature of 21°C

  • Madagascar
  • Made famous by the namesake movie, it’s not just lemurs that put Madagascar on the map. Apart from its exotic flora and fauna, the ‘eighth continent’ has an exquisite coastline of beautiful beaches, a hiking friendly interior and delicious cuisine.

    Laze on white sand beaches and spot whales

    Admire “Trees of Life” on Avenue of the Baobabs

    Traverse limestone karsts of Tsingy de Bemaraha

    Pack for a pleasant average temperature of 18°C

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in September

  • Morocco
  • September is a perfect time to visit Morocco, with pleasant weather making way for exploring the medinas of Marrakech, sampling local cuisine in open-air cafes, admiring exquisite architecture and spending time in the varied natural landscape.

    Eat Moroccan tagine, straight from the fire

    Spend a day bartering for local crafts at a souk

    Lose yourself in the maze of a medina

    Average warm days at 27°C

  • Ghana
  • The rich cultural heritage of Ghana is preserved in the castles, museums, artisanal handicrafts, food and folklore of the country formerly known as the Gold Coast. Discover the diverse wildlife at the plentiful national parks across the country.

    Walk amongst wildlife at Kakum National Park

    Wander the web of alleyways at Kejetia Market

    Explore the past at the Cape Coast Castle

    Average daytime temperature of 25°C

  • Sao Tome & Principe
  • The archipelago duo, Sao Tome & Principe has a history as colourful as the island locale, with untouched beaches, azure water, green forest thickets and volcanic rock. Explore historical sites, colonial architecture and a coffee-loving café culture.

    Swim and sunbathe at Praia Banana on Principe

    Hike to the covered crater Lagoa Amelia

    Visit the island’s cocoa plantations

    26°C and humid average weather conditions

Events in September

Ethiopia – Enkutatash

Enkutatash is the New Year’s Day celebrations in Ethiopia. It takes place on Meskerem 1 on the Ethiopian calendar, which is 11 or 12 September according to the Gregorian calendar. It’s one of the perfect times to interact with the locals and celebrate with barbecued corn, New Year’s Eve dinners and New Year’s lunches, coffee ceremonies, dancing and singing, and drinking araki.

20°C daytime temperatures

11 or 12 September


Cape Town, South Africa – Street Food Festival

Visit Cape Town during September to enjoy proudly South African street fare, courtesy of some of South Africa’s best street-food vendors. For 10 days, explore a dazzling array of some of the finest food trucks and pop-up stalls in the Cape. Taste some of the famous local dishes, such as thoroughly satisfying Gatsbys, South African-style French fries (slap tjips), and vinegary fish. The Street Food Festival features a launch party to kick off the event, as well as food walks and movie screenings.

19°C daytime temperatures

Late-August to mid-September

Cape Town

Malawi – Lake of Stars

For three days in late-September, head to Lake Malawi, a 2-hour drive from Lilongwe, for the Lake of Stars festival. The popular event has been taking place since 2004, drawing local and international acts. With an iconic location that may seem straight out of a Mad Max movie and a variety of artists, you simply must not miss out on experiencing the Lake of Stars festival for yourself!

29°C daytime temperatures

Last weekend of September

Lake Malawi

Asia & Oceania

Popular High Season Destinations in September

  • Fiji
  • Postcard perfect, palm-fronted beaches and coral reefs come to mind when considering Fiji. The watercolour-washed archipelago is the ideal place for picking fruit hanging ripe from the trees, sampling Indo-Fijian food and escaping into nature.

    Witness a fire walking ceremony on Beqa Island

    Walk in Bouma National Heritage Park

    Sip on kava at a traditional Fijian village

    Average daytime temperature of 24°C

  • South Korea
  • Top of technology, South Korea is famed for adopting new trends and tech. Rich cultural heritage juxtaposes modern city life, where traditional hanok houses dwell alongside high-rises in Seoul, and top fashion flaunts alongside Handbok from times gone by.

    Try traditional bibimbap, Korean comfort food

    Embark on a Seoul-wide K-pop pilgrimage

    Shop for top Korean beauty and fashion

    Bring warm, waterproof clothes for 19°C average

  • Vanuatu
  • The Y-shaped Vanuatu island group is loved for pristine stretches of shoreline, a warm, welcoming culture, excellent diving, snorkelling and delicious, freshly prepared food. Cascading waterfalls and lush rainforest await inland for adventurers.

    Observe giant coconut crabs in their natural habitat

    Attend the Twin Waterfall Festival on Vanua Lava

    Send postcards at Vanuatu underwater post office

    A balmy 22°C average temperature awaits

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in September

  • Israel
  • Scattered with notable religious and historical landmarks, Israel is also known for its beaches, the salty Dead Sea in the Jordan Rift Valley, hiking opportunities across the country, a burgeoning wine culture, foodie scene and vibrant nightlife.

    Float in the Dead Sea complete with DIY mud mask

    Shop at the souks or local marketplaces

    Explore the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem

    Pack a costume for ocean swims and 22°C average

  • Cambodia
  • More to it than a profusion of beautiful temples, Cambodia’s rich Khmer culture, idyllic islands, beaches and varied landscapes are all draw-cards of this destination in Southeast Asia. Bustling markets by day are replaced by an exciting nightlife.

    Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site, Angkor Wat

    Buy crustaceans at the Crab Market in Kep

    Explore the mysterious ‘face temple’ of Bayon

    Average temperature of 28°C

  • Nepal
  • Home to the Himalayas and a plethora of UNESCO World Heritage sites, Nepal is spectacular for its natural landscape, flora and fauna. Colourful festivals abound, accompanied by unique cuisine and a diverse culture.

    Sample yomari, a steamed dumpling delicacy

    Traverse the Annapurna Circuit trek

    Pay a visit to the birthplace of Buddha at Lumbini

    An average of 22°C is met by some rain

Events in September

Samoa - Teuila Festival

Head to the capital of Samoa, Apia, in September to enjoy one of the country’s most celebrated annual events. The Teuila Festival lasts for 8 days, from the beginning of the month. Experience fun-filled events, including a Miss Samoa superhero dash, choir performances, cultural tours, exciting games, and dance performances. The festival ends with the Miss Samoa Pageant. A nationally televised event, when a young Samoan woman is crowned as the new Miss Samoa to represent the country for a year.

29°C daytime temperatures

The first week of September


Australia – Brisbane Festival

Make sure you’re in Brisbane during September, because that’s when the city comes alive with thrilling entertainment! The Brisbane Festival is well-known for exploding across the city with a splendid program of theatre, music, dance, circus, opera, and the Treasury Brisbane Arcadia and Sunsuper Riverfire. Part of the festivities will treat you to an amazing spectacle: a breath-taking light and laser show on the river. The Brisbane festival lasts for more than 20 days, meaning you’ll have nearly a month of unforgettable fun!

23-25°C daytime temperatures

Early to late-September


Singapore – Singapore Grand Prix

If you’re in Singapore around this time of year, you’re in for a treat! The Grand Prix in Singapore is one of the major highlights of the Formula One calendar. Witness a spectacular sensory assault at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. One of the standout features of the race are the track lights that shimmer off the cars as they speed down the straights! The Singapore Grand Prix is one of the toughest events in Formula One and draws out the best drivers in the industry. You’re sure to experience an unforgettable spectacle!

31°C daytime temperatures

Mid or late-September


North & Central America

Popular High Season Destinations in September

  • Canada
  • Canada’s untouched wilderness ranges from crisp coastline and lakes, to expansive forests housing grizzly bears and maple trees. Hike, mountain bike and zip-line your way through the many national parks, or take in the scenery from aboard a kayak.

    Taste maple syrup on tour of a syrup farm

    Try Canada’s national pastime, ice hockey

    Ski the world-renowned slopes of Whistler

    Pack a waterproof coat for an 11°C average

  • USA
  • From theme parks and malls to museums, music and food, the USA boasts a wide array of attractions. The beaches are as well-frequented as the forests, alpine lakes and canyons, which are the ideal place to hike and enjoy the great wilderness of America.

    Take a leisurely Route 66 road trip

    Capture photographs of the iconic Grand Canyon

    Sample American cuisine like hotdogs and apple pie

    Autumn sees an average temperature of around 20°C

  • Honduras
  • Discovered by Christopher Columbus, Honduras is adorned with quiet beaches, colonial architecture, spectacular natural landscapes and biodiversity. Visit nearby Mayan ruins at Copan and regularly indulge in beachside seafood grills.

    Scuba dive on Roatan and Utila islands

    Tour Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve

    Try tasty Pollo Chuco and Baleadas

    Balmy 24°C average temperature

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in September

  • Mexico
  • Dotted with ancient ruins and surrealist art, Mexico is a historical treasure trove. Visit the sweeping coastline of Tulum, take Calakmul jungle treks, snorkel and dive off Guadalupe Island, and venture into arid desert all in one destination.

    Visit the pyramids of Teotihuacán

    Drink Tequila, eat tacos, tamales and tostadas

    Watch Lucha Libre wrestling

    Bring a hat for the 28°C weather

  • Jamaica
  • From hiking the Blue Mountains to phosphorescent lagoon dips, Jamaica’s more than its beautiful beaches, reggae music and Jerk Chicken. Visit Portland to dive the Blue Lagoon, bobsled at Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios or board a bamboo raft in Rio Grande.

    Go to the Bob Marley museum in Kingston

    Partake in a Dancehall street dance. Yeah, mon!

    Sunbathe on Seven Mile Beach

    Sunny 28°C average temperature

  • Costa Rica
  • Apart from just coffee and bananas, Costa Rica is a biodiverse meeting point with volcanoes, hot springs and rainforests to be explored. Take advantage of great weather on the Caribbean coast and sunbathe, swim or snorkel from the pristine beaches.

    Explore ancient caverns at Venado Caves

    Scuba dive the Catalinas Islands

    Spread your wings at the Butterfly Conservatory

    Average temperature of around 26°C

Events in September

Belize – Independence Day

If you’re in Belize during the two weeks leading up to 21 September, enjoy the celebrations as the locals get ready to celebrate their Independence Day. In this period, watch a variety of colourful festive parades that include eye-catching floats, marching bands, and masses waving the colours of the Belizean flag (red, white and blue). One of the highlights of the day is the Carnaval festivities where hundreds of people in elaborate costumes compete for the title of the Carnaval King and Queen.

31°C daytime temperatures

8-21 September


United States - iHeartRadio

Visit the famous city of Las Vegas for an exciting and vibrant music festival. For two days in late September, a variety of big names make their way to the City of Lights to perform their top hits. Famous names that have featured at iHeartRadio include Justin Timberlake, Jack White, Kelly Clarkson, and Fleetwood Mac. During each performance, watch as the stage comes alive with thousands of spectacular colours. Couple that with great music, and you’ll be sure to experience the thrill that comes with enjoying the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

33°C daytime temperatures

Two days in late September

Las Vegas

Canada - Toronto International Film Festival

If you love films, then make sure you’re in Toronto at least for the first half of the month. For ten days, the capital of the Ontario province plays host to an event that has screened as many as 460 movies! Watch award-winning creations, or discover previously unheard-of treasures. Rub shoulders with movie enthusiasts from across the world. The Toronto International Film Festival tends to attract more than 480,000 people annually, so make sure you get to the TIFF Bell Lightbox as early as you can.

22-23°C daytime temperatures

Early to mid-September


South America

Popular High Season Destinations in September

  • Bolivia
  • The dry season in Bolivia sees mostly blue skies and sunny days, perfect for a cable car tour of La Paz, boat rides on Lake Titicaca in Copacabana, or traversing the distinctive, desolate Salar de Uyuni, or salt flats.

    Attend the Fiesta de San Roque

    Trek the Valle de la Luna rock formations

    Browse the Witches’ Market for herbs and potions

    Pack for a chilly 7°C average temperature

  • Paraguay
  • At the heart of South America, Paraguay enjoys mild weather this month, making way to explore the history and untouched beauty of the country. Walk the streets of Asunción and its colonial architecture or shop and eat at Encarnación waterfront.

    Purchase textiles and crafts at a local market

    Drink the herbal concoction, Yerba mate

    Walk through Jesuit ruins in Trinidad

    Enjoy an average temperature of 22°C

  • Suriname
  • Swathes of rainforest cover Suriname, which is known for unspoiled natural beauty and its capital Paramaribo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walk its streets with an evident colonial history and take a tour of Brownsberg Nature Park.

    Be enchanted at the Neotropical Butterfly Park

    Shop at Paramaribo Central Market

    Meet authentic Amerindians in Palumeu

    A hot and dry 28°C

Popular Budget-Friendly Destinations in September

  • Uruguay
  • Winter in Uruguay is the perfect time to dip into its northernmost hot springs or discover the colourful, historic Old Town of Colónia del Sacramento, with its vintage cars and colonial architecture. Visit Montevideo around the Plaza Independencia.

    Savour traditional Uruguayan Chaja cake

    Walk, fish or dine along La Rambla

    Watch a Uruguayan Football League game

    Pack for rain and a 13°C average temperature

  • Brazil
  • The hint of Spring in Brazil brings an opportunity to spot wildlife in the wetlands of Pantanal, sunbathe on Copacabana beach, explore colonial architecture and baroque churches in Salvador or soak up the atmosphere.

    Stand under Christ the Redeemer in Rio

    Eat the national dish, feijoada

    Surf, socialize and shop in Ipanema

    High humidity and 22°C average temperature

Events in September

Ecuador - Fiesta de la Mamá Negra

Visit Ecuador during the dry season and be sure to explore the town of Latacunga, especially during late September. Watch a fascinating parade featuring Andean music and several colourful characters, including The Mama Negra, the Captain, the Angel of Star, and many others. The festival is well-known for street dancing as well as amazing firework displays. Don’t miss out on this chance to experience Ecuador’s indigenous culture.

19°C daytime temperatures

23-24 September


Peru - Mistura

The largest gastronomic event of the year - in all of Latin America - Mistura is an annual food extravaganza held in early September in Peru’s capital, Lima. The festival attracts both locals and visitors alike, who flock in to savour local delicacies prepared by an array of chefs, from culinary connoisseurs to street vendors. Sample the flavours of Peru, while your eyes settle on the sweeping coastline of Costa Verde as it surrounds you. Be sure to try the classic dish of cuy, or guinea pig!

15-20°C daytime temperatures

Dates in September TBA


Chile - Fiestas Patrias and Army Day

Make sure you’re in Chile during September, especially Santiago. 18 September is Fiestas Patrias, when the country celebrates its independence with parades, dancing, colourful costumes and lively music. But the festivities usually begin a whole week before the 18th! The next day is Army Day (short for Day of the Glories of the Army) when all the armed forces display their troops and equipment. Depending on what day Fiestas Patrias falls, sometimes the celebrations in Chile continue well beyond Army Day!

18-19°C daytime temperatures

18-19 September


When travelling, remember to book 3 months in advance to get the best deals.

Book in June to get awesome discounts on your September trip!

Are you not ready to travel in September? Book your trip in September and travel in December to get the best deals.

September is a great time to go travelling abroad! For the northern parts of the world, it falls after the popular summer season. In the south, it’s months before high volumes of tourists travel. Cooler days in Africa and South America, warmer days in North America and Europe, or a blend of both in Asia – there’s so much from which you can choose!

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