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Premium Service - Priority Assistance

Receive a dedicated email address to submit any requests and we guarantee that our support will be initiated by an agent within 8 hours.

How it works

  1. Add the product to your booking.

  2. Receive a dedicated email address.

    In your e-ticket email, we will give you a dedicated email address for all your queries and requests.

  3. Email us your queries or requests.

    Assistance will be initiated by an agent within 8 hours.


  • This service entitles you to dedicated help within 8 hours.
  • Save time and effort while we assist with queries and requests.
  • If possible, we will process all requests to the airline on your behalf.

Terms and Conditions

  • By selecting this product, the traveller will have access to a dedicated email address service where any requests will be initiated within 8 hours.
  • This product provides priority assistance to the traveller for any requests/queries submitted.
  • This service does not cover any airline penalty fees/costs that you may incur. Airline penalty fees/costs may vary and are as per the airline's policies.
  • Depending on the request, additional costs may only be charged by the airline at the airport (eg: special luggage and sports equipment). Where possible, we will advise you accordingly.
  • It is the traveller’s responsibility to properly submit a request via the email address sent in the e-ticket. We accept no responsibility where there is a delay with the process of a request which was submitted in any other way.
  • It is the traveller's responsibility to ensure that enough time is allowed for the query/request to be resolved.
  • We will do our best to resolve all traveller requests as promptly as possible, but where changes cannot be made, due to time restrictions or for any other reason, we accept no liability for any loss incurred as a result of any change or query that could not be actioned/resolved.
  • Selecting this product does not guarantee that your request/query will be processed as airline restrictions may apply.
  • In the instance that you have also selected the Premium Service - Administration Fee product, we are only able to guarantee that an agent will respond within 8 hours if you submit the request via the dedicated email address.

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