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If you’re a thrill-seeker, outdoor explorer or just looking to try something new, then adventure holidays are your travel calling. No matter the location or activity, adventure travel is for everybody. Read on to discover our suggestions for some of the ultimate adventure tours.

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Hiking and Trekking

Hiking and Trekking

  • Spain
  • Embark on one of Europe’s most popular adventure tours: walking the ancient, historical trail of the Camino de Santiago. Dating back to the 9th century, the Camino is a network of interconnecting paths starting at various points in Europe, and all ending at the same destination: the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain.

    Explore rustic, medieval villages in the Spanish countryside

    Sample fine wine and enjoy traditional tapas

    Relax on the beaches along the Mediterranean Coast

  • Peru
  • For awe-inspiring adventure travel, trek back in time to the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. Located in the heart of the Andes Mountains, Machu Picchu was built in the 1500s by Inca locals. The hike consists of three overlapping trails of varying length and difficulty, allowing hikers to choose their preferred route.

    Take in the sights and sounds of the vibrant cities of Lima and Cusco

    Be awestruck by the incredible beauty of the Vinicunca, also known as the rainbow mountain

    Hike along some of the most rugged and remote trails such as the Santa Cruz trek

  • India
  • For outdoor enthusiasts seeking a variety of adventure travel options, India offers an array of hiking and trekking trails through mountains, national parks and forests. One of the most popular trails is the Chembra Peak trek in Kerala, lasting around four hours and ending at a heart-shaped lake nicknamed the “Love Lake”.

    Visit iconic landmarks such as the Taj Mahal and the Golden Temple

    Enjoy miles of unspoilt coastline along the Goa peninsula

    Indulge in aromatic local cuisine like Thali and Chaat

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Popular Places for Cycling

  • France
  • Already well-known for hosting the annual Tour de France, France is a haven for cycling adventure travel. The French Alps offer more experienced cyclists higher-altitude trails, while the south of France boasts azure skies and warmer weather for those looking for a more leisurely cycle along the countryside.

    Sip on a coffee on the sun-soaked streets of Nice and Cannes

    Taste exquisite wines in the famous wine-making region of Bordeaux

    Take a day trip to a charming French village on the outskirts of Paris

  • Costa Rica
  • Known for lush jungles, majestic waterfalls and dreamy beaches, Costa Rica is already an established location for nature-based adventure travel. It’s also recently become a popular cycling destination. With its tropical backdrop, Costa Rica offers scenic options for mountain biking, bike-packing, and beginner-friendly cycling routes.

    Get a slice of culture strolling around the capital of San Jose

    Soak in natural hot springs in the middle of the jungle

    Spot birds and other wildlife from an aerial walkway stretching across the local rainforests

  • The Netherlands
  • With its even landscape, the Netherlands is an ideal country to explore by bicycle. The country’s bike-friendly laws and casual cycling culture make it even easier for tourists to hop on and bike their way through the Dutch countryside. Inter-city bicycle paths allow for cycling between major towns and cities.

    Float in a gondola down the canals or bike through the streets of Amsterdam

    Admire the art of famed Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh at the Van Gogh Museum

    Stroll through the famous gardens of Keukenhof and admire the stunning colours of the springtime tulips

Safari and Wildlife

Popular Safari and Wildlife Destinations

  • Botswana
  • Consistently rated the top country in Africa for wildlife safaris, Botswana boasts a multitude of nature and game parks, each offering exceptional adventure travel experiences. Be sure to experience a water safari in the Okavango Delta and a game drive through Chobe National Park.

    Take a picturesque river cruise along the Chobe River at sunset

    Admire ancient and intricate rock art at Tsodilo Hills

    Go on a thrilling caving adventure through the Gcwihaba Caves in the heart of the Kalahari Desert

  • Rwanda
  • Thanks to Rwanda’s incredible conservation efforts, the mountain gorilla population is steadily rising. Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime adventure holiday seeing and being near these gentle giants in an amazing and environmentally-sustainable way.

    Go kayaking on Lake Kivu, one of the African Great Lakes

    Be daring and take a day hike along one of Rwanda’s eight volcanoes

    Visit craft markets and art galleries in the thriving capital of Kigali

  • Brazil
  • Home to both the Amazon Rainforest as well as the largest tropical wetland, Brazil is the premier destination in South America for wildlife adventure travel. Take a trip to the Pantanal wetland and spot anacondas, capybaras and the endemic Pantanal jaguar.

    Enjoy parades, parties and samba dancing during carnival week in Rio de Janeiro

    Be awestruck by the magnificence of Iguazu Falls, separating Brazil and Argentina

    Sample sumptuous local street foods like grilled picanha and pastel de queijo


Popular Marine Destinations

  • Mexico
  • Known for hot weather and spicy food, Mexico is also fast becoming a popular destination for surfing adventure travel. Beginner surfers can take it easy in the gentle waves of Sayulita in Puerto Vallarta, while advanced and professional surfers can try their hand at riding the famous swells in Puerto Escondido.

    Go on a street food tour of Oaxaca, Mexico’s gastronomic capital

    Dance the night away with locals in the streets of Mexico City

    Stroll through the Chichen Itza ruins, a UNESCO world heritage sight

  • Bali
  • Considered one of the best destinations in Asia for scuba diving adventure travel, Bali should definitely top your list when it comes to diving and snorkelling. Popular diving locations include the Liberty Ship Wreck and Manta Point, where divers can swim with manta rays

    Walk along the lush paddies of Tegalalang Rice Terrace

    Take your pick of postcard, powder-white beaches

    Visit the magnificent Uluwatu Temple and admire the breath-taking sea views

  • Croatia
  • Coastlines don’t get more enchanting than the cerulean shores of Croatia. The balmy weather, sandy beaches and calm waters make Croatia one of the premier sailing destinationsin Europe. A popular route is to sail from the southern city of Dubrovnik up north to Split and the Dalmation Islands.

    Have a splash in the turquoise waterfalls of Plitvice National Park

    Explore the architectural remnants of a bygone time at Diocletian’s Palace

    Sip on a refreshing drink and admire the stunning ocean vistas at Zlatni Rat Beach

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Snow and Ski

Popular Snow and Ski Destinations

  • Canada
  • Known for its icy winters and grand snowfalls, Canada is a top choice for winter adventure travel. With ski and snowboarding resorts in nearly every province, holidaymakers can take their pick of the endless resorts available throughout the country.

    Go culture-tripping through the trendy streets of Toronto and Montreal

    Take a 4-night countryside trip from Toronto to Vancouver aboard the VIA Rail

    Try Poutine, the quirky national dish of Canada

  • Switzerland
  • Thanks to its varied topography and excellent development, Switzerland is the ideal destination for winter adventure travel. Tobogganing, ice-skating, ice hockey and even snow cycling are popular activities offered at numerous resorts and are fun for the entire family.

    Learn the art of cheese-making in the rambling, medieval town of Gruyères

    Be charmed by the vibey, eclectic city of Geneva

    Take a walk along the cliffs of Cap Méchant and watch the waves come crashing in

  • Bulgaria
  • For those looking for a slightly more affordable winter getaway, look no further than Bulgaria. Fast becoming a popular winter sport alternative to pricey destinations like the Alps, Bulgaria offers numerous ski resorts with top-notch facilities, most of which are near to the cosmopolitan capital of Sofia.

    Admire the medieval Byzantine architecture of Sofia

    Visit the historic town of Nessebar on the gorgeous coast of the Black Sea

    Wander through the rock-hewn churches of Ivanovo

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Popular Camping Destinations

  • Morocco
  • For a unique adventure travel experience head to wonderous Morocco, where rich traditions blend with exceptional hospitality to create a magical and intriguing desert camping experience. Ride with camels, watch the sunset over the dunes, eat a meze dinner under the stars, and sleep in a luxurious, private tent.

    Shop for bargains in a Marrakech souk or explore the grand old town

    Take a day trip to Ouzoud waterfall and cool off in the pools or under the gentle cascades

    Be captivated by the majestic ruins of the ancient city of Volubilis

  • Germany
  • Head to the breath-taking German Alps for a unique adventure travel experience: tree camping. Access the tents by climbing up a rope and be rewarded by incredible panoramic vistas of the Pfronten Mountains. Adrenalin-junkies sleep in a hanging platform tent suspended off the side of a cliff…look down at your own risk!

    Ramble through dreamy, fairy-tale Bavarian towns

    Get swept up in the energy and cultural buzz of hip, historic Berlin

    Be enchanted by the intricate architecture and grandeur of Neuschwanstein Castle

  • Namibia
  • Nothing can rival the dreamlike experience of wild camping in Namibia. Watching the sunset and darkness rising, surrounded by silhouettes of petrified trees and the calls of wild animals in the distance, is nothing short of surreal. For the ultimate camping adventure travel experience look no further than the Kalahari Desert, where starry skies and an unspoilt view of the milky way can be enjoyed at night.

    Trek along the ornate granite peaks of Spitzkoppe

    Track game and admire the wildlife at Etosha National Park

    Admire the rugged expanse of the iconic Fish River Canyon


Popular Extreme Adventure Destinations

  • New Zealand
  • Thanks to its incredibly varied landscape and topography, New Zealand is the adventure travel capital of the world and a must-visit for thrill-chasers and adrenaline-junkies. From rugged mountains and icy glaciers to geothermal springs and national parks, New Zealand’s diverse terrain allows for a world of adventure activities of nearly every kind.

    Bungee jump from the iconic Kawarau Bridge, the world’s first commercial jump site

    Skydive in renowned locations like Taupo, Fox Glacier and Wanaka

    Try proudly Kiwi adventure travel activities like jet boating and zorbing

  • Dubai
  • Surrounded by both dry, arid desert and the warm waters of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is the ultimate destination for high-quality desert and water-based adventure travel. Venture into the dunes where activities like sandboarding, desert quad biking and dune buggy riding are sure to keep any thrill-seekers entertained.

    Rent a 4x4 and go dune-bashing through the desert

    Go flyboarding on the Dubai marina

    Zipline past skyscrapers and over the harbour on Xline Dubai, the world’s longest urban zipline

  • Norway
  • Home of the famous fjords and one of the best places to witness the northern lights, Norway is a paradise for adventure-lovers who are not afraid to get a little chilly. Go on a whale-watching adventure tour in the Arctic Circle, or travel to Svalbard to spot polar bears and go ice-caving.

    Go kayaking through the Norwegian fjords

    Hike along an icy glacier

    Take a selfie on Kjeragbolten, a giant boulder wedged between two mountain cliffs. Just don’t look down!


Popular Budget-Friendly Beach Destinations

  • Ethiopia
  • Aromatic cuisine, rich coffee roasts, stunning natural beauty and friendly locals await you in Ethiopia. Go on a street-food tour of Addis Ababa and take in the splendour of the Blue Nile Falls. Rich in culture and scenery, and yet extremely wallet-friendly, Ethiopia is the ideal place for budget adventure travel

    Spot the endemic Ethiopian wolf in Bale Mountains National Park

    Wander through the historic fortresses of the town of Gondar

    Admire the stone-cut churches of Lalibela and the rock-hewn churches of Gheralta

  • Kenya
  • Home to Mount Kenya, the second-highest mountain in Africa, Kenya offers a slice of everything when it comes to things to see and do for less. Offering national parks, wild coastline and rich cultural towns, Kenya is a must-see budget adventure travel destination.

    Go on safari at Masai Mara National Park

    Ramble through the streets of Mombasa and Nairobi

    Be dazzled by the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lamu town

  • Mozambique
  • For the ultimate budget beach getaway head over to sunny Mozambique. Enjoy azure waters, powdery beaches and the finest seafood cuisine all without breaking the bank. Places of interest for adventure travel include the Bazaruto Archipelago, the fort of Sao Sebastiao and Tofo village.

    Explore the cultural melting-pot of colourful Maputo

    Snorkel and scuba dive at Quirimbas National Park

    Go sailing in a traditional wooden Dhow boat and watch the sunset

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